10 Health Benefits Of Moringa For Kids (Recipes Included)

Moringa leaves are a superfood that a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. We tell you why you should start eating moringa and how you can cook them so everyone in the family loves it.

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For a while now I kept hearing and reading about Moringa but hadn’t really used it. It’s only recently that I added this superfood to my family’s meal plan.

Moringa/Sahijana/Murungai or Drumstick Tree are some of the names it’s known by. All parts of the plant are used, including flowers, fruit, roots, bark, seeds and leaves.  The moringa leaves retain the vitamins and minerals when dried and are extensively used in India and Africa in feeding programs to fight malnutrition. 

Did You Know That The Leaves Of This Tree Are A Superfood And Have Nutritional Value?

  • 3 times the iron than spinach
  • 4 times the calcium in milk
  • 3 times the potassium of bananas
  • 7 times the Vitamin C of oranges

Its also super rich in magnesium, Vitamin A, B Complex Vitamins, copper, manganese, and zinc. Yes! I’m wondering why I didn’t start eating this earlier.

The Benefits Of Giving Moringa Leaves Include:

  • Boost energy level
  • Improve the immunity
  • Detoxify the kidney and liver
  • Excellent for memory & emotional health in children and adults
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Rich in amino acids 
  • Good for the eyes since it is high in Vitamin A 
  • Rich in dietary fibre
  • Topical use of moringa powder can help heal wounds, scars and rashes
  • Aids lactation and improves the quality of breast milk 

While drumsticks are commonly used in sambhar and other vegetable preparations, moringa leaves are slightly bitter in taste and may not be something babies like instantly. You can add 1/2 Tsp of moringa powder to their food or milk to start off with till they develop a taste for it.

Normally healthy homemade grain cereals are what the babies normally eat. But you can give them moringa powder too. The baby should be over a year old before you start adding fresh moringa leaves to their food. Moringa powder, however, can be added once they turn 10 months. 

You can make moringa powder very easily at home. We have included that and other comfort food recipes that you can introduce your family to. So scroll down to start cooking with moringa for your family and helping them stay healthy. If you don’t want to go through the task of making adding it to a recipe, you can sprinkle the moringa powder over your food in place of hard dhania. No one is any wiser and you get the benefits! 

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Scroll down to access some super easy and healthy moringa recipes- you know you are going to love this! Go ahead, read on! 
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