7 Homemade Popsicle Recipes Your Family Will Love This Summer

Pack your freezers with these bars of healthy yumminess. The recipes are so simple that your kids can put them together!
In the girl’s hand, a healthy berry ice cream lolly . On the ice cubes, a different ice cream with pieces of fruit and fresh berries. Cold dessert. Flat lay

Summer is here to stay for the next few months and with temperatures soaring, my kids’ appetites have already started taking a hit. Keeping them hydrated with summer coolers is a great idea. But one step better is making popsicles with different fruits and vegetables. They’re happy eating something cold and I’m happy that they’re slurping on something that is homemade and packed with nutrition. Win-win for all of us.

My kids love making popsicles with me. It’s a great activity to keep them busy. With my kids the rule is what they help me make, they have to eat -so I don’t get any complaints about fruits being in their popsicles. We have some super popsicle hacks that every mom should know, have a look!

These are some of the popsicles that make their home in my freezer every summer. Try them out and tell me how your family loved it.

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