7 Tips For Indian Parents To Win The Back-To-School Game!

Back to school IS tough- but not an impossible scenario! Here are some pro tips from a fellow mom!

One look at the date in the calendar and I was stunned. The last 2 years have flown. One part of me feels happy that my little one will spend more time at school which will give me some breathing space, while the other part of me is concerned about how my child will adjust to school. Getting children accustomed to a particular routine after such a long break is every mother’s nightmare. Here are some quick tips to help the transition “back to school” be smooth and hassle-free.

Transition Into Morning School Routine A Week In Advance:

During holidays children tend to go to bed later and sleep in longer. Make sure a week or two in advance you start slowly moving bedtime closer to what you would want it to be on school days. So if your child is going to bed at 11 PM, and you want him in bed at 9 PM, then get him to sleep half an hour earlier every night and wake him up a half hour earlier every morning, so by the time school reopens you have the sleep and wake up routine down pat. 

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Create Excitement:

A week or two before school reopens generates excitement for school. Talk to your child about school, what to expect, friends, field trips, what they are most excited about, what they are scared of…everything. Even take them shopping for back to school supplies so they get exactly what they want and are super excited to show off all their new supplies.

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Involve Your Child In The Shopping:

Involving your kids when shopping for school supplies is a way of hinting that school re-opening is around the corner. Purchase supplies that have their favourite cartoon character printed on it so that they develop a sense of belonging to the products. Also for slightly younger children, label it clearly and show it to the child, so that they know it is theirs to keep. It is not just about taking care of their belongings- kids also develop an affinity towards their products which would become difficult to replace once lost. Make sure all the little supplies are noted duly in your checklist and purchased beforehand. Last minute shop-hopping is no fun, we tell you!

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Check And Reconfirm With Your Kids’ Transportation In-Charge:

Be ahead of the game and make sure you have the transportation all worked out for day one. Whether it is the school bus or carpool, make sure everyone knows who is dropping and picking up. If they travel by bus or van ensure the person-in-charge if he/she will be at the bus stop on time, so that there are no last-minute surprises for you. Also, if you drop your kid off privately, make sure you do it well on time so that there is no tension and hassles for you and the kid. Nothing ruins back to school more than morning confusion.


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Plan The Menu In Advance:

Avoid Monday-morning kitchen blues and plan your child’s tiffin well in advance. Pack them their favourite snacks and treats for the first few days to entice them to go to school. Discuss what you have packed for your child so that they feel involved and let’s just admit kids will eat more when they are involved with what you pack. Make sure breakfast is not greasy and do not experiment on the first day back to school. Keep the breakfast light, filling, and something your children will want to eat.

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Stay In Touch With Other Parents And Also Keep Help Informed

In today’s scenario, this is a very easy task. Whatsapp and Facebook groups of the class mommies have emerged which help us to stay-in-touch with the other parents and also for any quick last-minute clarifications. Also, make sure to tell your domestic help when school reopens so they don’t take any unscheduled days off. Remember everything needs to work in clockwork precision!

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Make Sure To Have Everything Ready: 

The night before, involve your child and ask them what all they will need for the next day – keep uniforms ironed, bags packed, holiday homework is done etc. Start this process a week in advance. Make sure your child has finished holiday homework. For younger kids, get them on a play date with a classmate or two so they feel like they know what to look forward to.

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Don’t Overschedule Your Calendar Just Because The Child Is Back In School:

It is very easy to want to schedule meetings, errands all everything else you have been eager to get to on the first day your child is back at school. Resist from doing that and make sure you are available for your child when they come back home. Listen to what they have to say about the first day of school. Fears, hopes, failures everything. Tell them, the second day will be much better. Trust me, mommies, this works!

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