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Aanandika Sood

Mother and storyteller, Aanandika Sood is a journalist by training. She is making her way through the meandering roads of life armed with her tea, books and eyeglasses. She reviews books and writes on parenting at

Aastha Jessica

Aastha Jessica has over 10 years of experience in the field of Food, Nutrition, and Health. She holds a Master Degree in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics and Post Graduate Degree in Diabetes Education. By profession, she is a Nutrition Expert...

Aditi Malik

Additi Malik, a mom of 2 toddler girls, has been associated with a leading media house for a decade as a content curator and conference producer. Now in her journey as a stay-at-home mom, she loves to write on parenting,...

Aikta Kumar

Aikta started her career as a finance professional and also explores her passion for travel photography and blogging through her globe-trotting adventures. Her creative calling has inspired her to start her own venture – - curating creative activities and...

Aishwarya Suraj

Aishwarya is an engineer turned artist mommy who loves to satisfy her creative instincts. As an independent artist, she loves to experiment with conceptual, abstract paintings using oils, acrylic and watercolour on canvas or any medium. Popart is her favourite...

Akanksha Arora Sharma.

She is a dental surgeon, blogger by profession & mommying her 5-year-old little man. Akanksha's blog  Wanderandkind is three years old and the blog content is about beautiful parenting journey, Lifestyle and Fashion. She is from India and is currently residing in Nairobi Kenya.

Akanksha Datta

Akanksha, an entrepreneur, runs Akanksha's Book Club and is a profesional storyteller and blogger. She also works with several NGOs on reading programmes for kids, storytelling etc She loves to pen her thoughts and  tips for anxious parents to keep kids...

Akansha Jhalani

Akansha Jhalani is a renowned nutrition and health expert. With a wide range of expertise and skills, Akansha possesses an ability to authentically and organically speak about nutrition, health, lifestyle management and physical activity. Akansha is a food and fitness...

Akshitha Basavaraju

Akshitha Basavaraju is an ex-international tennis player who is passionate about fitness. She is constantly trying to spread the word about how fitness is a lifestyle and not a phase. She is a mom to a 3 year old and shares her...


Alagammai, who lives in Bengaluru, is an arts-based therapy practitioner. Through art making and creatives processes, she helps children and adolescents improve their social and emotional wellbeing. 

Alisha Purandare

Sewing aficionado, quilt-maker, obsessive children’s book reader and a passionate Stay-At- Home-Mom, Alisha Purandare loves everything about parenting, especially all of her daughter’s books! She used to be a German translator and teacher, but now dreams of working with children’s books...

Aloka Gambhir

Aloka Gambhir is a mother of two, a Lactation Counselor, a Professional Babywearing Consultant and a blogger at She also co runs the Mumbai sling library which has regular meetups across the city for caregivers to learn about babywe

Amishi Parasampuria

Amishi Parasampuria’s organization, Upcycler’s Lab, creates learning tools and programs for parents and schools around sustainability. Their vision is to change mindset and behaviour around waste and therefore only work with children below the age of 9 since most behaviour...

Amita Malhotra Lalwani

"A communication and marketing professional, Amita Malhotra Lalwani is the Founder of Equalitee, India's first gender-cool merchandise brand that challenges stereotypes. She is also the Co-Founder of Candidly, a platform to drive candid conversations on issues of gender, media &...

Amrita Rupwate

  Amrita Rupwate is a Mumbai-based mom. Her family and friends are her biggest asset and are what keep her inspired and going. She loves teaching and working with children. She was a pre-school teacher for 5 years before she became a Mom....

Amrita Samant

Amrita Samant is an award-winning International Photographer with her Photography business Mommy Shots by Amrita Focusing on Maternity, Newborn, Child and Family Portraiture, she is a natural when it comes to portraying children in their elements.