Debating About Having Another Child? These 5 Reasons Will Help You Decide

I asked other parents if they had gone through this dilemma too. And you know what I wasn’t alone. We at KSP, today list out 5 reasons your child should have a sibling.

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When my husband and I were talking about having a second child, I admit, there were times when I wondered why I should rock this boat, ruin this perfect situation we had going with one child. We had found our groove as a family, formed a perfect routine, and everything was moving along fine – except for that niggling thought of a sibling for our son. My husband and I both have siblings and we knew exactly what that means for a child growing up. So we knew we didn’t want to deny that for our son. But with today’s prices, struggle for admission to schools and the general cost of raising two kids, I was just not sure.

And then I happened to come across my childhood albums and one thing that struck me was the fact that all of my best childhood memories always featured my cousins. So many of us, from 2 to 16 years, would always hang out together. Thanks to the joint family system then or the promised meetings during every holidays. My brother and cousins taught me how to play games, how to share meal times together and how to adjust and play together in a small room. And then it struck me. Without a sibling, without a joint family- what was I exactly teaching my kid

So I did what any parent would do, I asked other parents if they had gone through this dilemma too. And you know what I wasn’t alone. We at KSP, today list out 5 reasons your child should have a sibling.

1. Sharing is caring

Yes, your kid’s favourite meal time line from his playschool seems to sum it up. Parents of more than one kid gave a unanimous vote to this reason. Your kid who, you thought doesn’t share with other kids and is a kind-of bully mellows down when they have a sibling. They learn how to share, how to care and even before you know they rob you of the precious time you can have with your little one! And as far as the younger one goes, they have a life-size doll that talks, feeds and cares for them- so they are happy too!

2. Conflict resolution

Coming again to the sharing aspect, whenever your elder one demanded a toy or anything, he/she is only used to meek protests from you and nothing more. Enter the younger one! Starting from the rattles, to the cuddly soft toy, the TV remote and much bigger things later, they are going to fight for everything. But the best part is- as parents, stay out of the conflicts (unless things go beyond control!) and you will see the siblings sort it out themselves. A few sobs from the younger one melts the elder, a glare from the elder will terrify the younger one, and so on. Some how or the other, they will end up resolving the conflict and leaving you relieved.

3. Playmate forever

As parents of an only child, the biggest challenge you will find is to entertain your child the whole day. TV, toys, school all form a part of the day, but there is always a remaining (big!) part of the day where the kid expects a playmate. Forget running around the colony and trying to create playdates for your kid. Gift your child a playmate for life!

4. Friend for life

Yes, you heard it right. Nothing beats a sibling bond, ever. You might turn out to be the best parent to your kids, but there are certain things one shares ONLY with the sibling. Starting from school troubles, exam lessons, college courses to even life decisions, siblings share between themselves and find comfort and happiness, that they might/might not find in other relationships.

5. A pillar of support

Now, as a younger one myself, I can vouch for this. I have felt protected and safe- be it during my school days, or even now when my elder sibling is sitting miles away from me. Nothing beats the satisfaction of having an elder one to support and protect you. Guarded for life! Elder siblings are very possessive about their siblings and hell hath no fury like a sibling wronged!

Mansi Zaveri spoke about this in our #TuesdayTalkWithKSP this week. She shares some of her personal experiences on the same. If you want to listen to some more little secrets or moments about parenting, don’t miss our #TuesdayTalkWithKSP series on Instagram!


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