Dipali Patwa | Managing A Teenager & A 60 Year Old Brand

Dipali Patwa, the Group Head of Brand & Community at Fab India overseas talks about work-life balance and raising a teen on Jio Saavn.

Can women have it all

Women with soaring dreams take their determination to learn and grow and ace through life, no matter what! .

We have asked many mommy entrepreneurs, moms who work from home, stay-at-home moms – and everyone has a different story to tell if they can have it all. At Kidsstoppress, we don’t think one parenting rule book works for all. Everyone finds a system that works for them and do as much as they can. 

We spoke to Dipali Patwa, the Group Head of Brand & Community at Fab India overseas. Dipali swears by the motto, ‘LIVE AND LEARN’, she wants to keep learning each day! She spills the beans on the perfect work-life balance formula, motherhood, how her son has grown up with this whole journey of her being a working mother. We speak to her on Raising Parents, a Jio Saavn podcast hosted by Mansi Zaveri and she speaks to us about:

  • How she raises a teen while managing a 60-year-old brand 
  • About her support system at home 
  • How she does it all 
  • How she supports more than 55,000 Indian artisans 
  • About diversity and the conversation at home with her kids
  • About employing women in the workforce, and more! 

Listen to the entire podcast to know this inspiring story. 

Where can you listen to the show: Jio Saavn

When: A new episode every week on Wednesday

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