DIY Kids’ Clock To Teach Daily Routine

Getting kids into a daily routine and sticking to it can be quite difficult. What if there was a fun and easy way that would allow them to just look at the clock and know what they need to do at that time – even without being able to read? This simple, bright coloured pictorial clock is super creative and will help kids keep to their schedule. This is a great activity to do with your child.

Getting my kids into a routine wasn’t the problem. The problem was getting them to do things independently without constant supervision. Repeating yourself and reminding them of tasks that need to be completed before they can play or turn on the TV can get annoying for you.

So we thought we could combine a few things and do something that would not only help them learn to do their chores independently; it will also help build your child’s pre-writing skills and at the end of it, you will have something that you can put up in the kids’ bedroom that is actually useful.

Today we’re making a pictorial clock where you can mark/draw your child’s daily routine. We are also upcycling an old clock machine and hands. Why throw something away when you can make something new and beautiful using it. So let’s get started.

Materials Needed

  • Round Canvas
  • Pencil
  • Long ruler
  • Masking tape
  • Blu-tack
  • White paper – cut into 1 big & 12 small circles
  • Crayons
  • Felt pens
  • Marker
  • Clock machine with hands


  • Make 12 equal sections of the canvas using a pencil and ruler.
  • Stick one big circle in the centre of the canvas using Blu-tack.
  • Put masking tape to border all the pencil-drawn sections.
  • Stick the small cutouts in each section with the help of Blu-tack. 
  • Colour with crayons in each section. 
  • Remove the small round cutouts from each section. 
  • Draw 12 activities as shown in the video with the help of sketch pens.
  • Peel off all the masking tape on the canvas.
  • Write numbers up to 12 numbers in each section to mimic a clock. 
  • Use scissors to make a small hole in the centre of the canvas.
  • Fix the clock machine at the back of the canvas 
  • Attach the hands of the clock in front as shown in the video.
  • Your clock is ready.

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