Editorial Policy

Contributor submissions: 

Kidsstoppress welcomes submissions of photos, videos, stories and other content.  If you do submit any content to us, you grant us an irrevocable, royalty-free, perpetual right to use that content in our discretion. This includes the royalty-free right to copy, display, perform, transmit, and create derivative and collective works of that Content. It also includes permission to use the image and likeness of you and any person depicted in any such content for all purposes, without compensation, and a waiver of any rights of attribution, integrity, publicity or privacy you and any person depicted in any such Content may have.

Kidsstoppress reserves the right to edit a piece to fit our website’s style and also to amend contributions for grammar and spelling, and to edit or discard contributions for offensiveness or other potential legal problems.

If you do feel we are editing out portions that are important to your piece, please make sure to attach a short paragraph outlining and explaining portions that are essential and we will absolutely consider it.  

You represent and warrant that any content you submit does not infringe or misappropriate any right of a third party and that you have the right to grant all rights granted in the preceding paragraph.

For contributions to modules on Summer Fun Factory (under KSP Premium, Mom’s Bundle, Exclusives), Kidsstoppress reserves the right to use/edit/repurpose/publish the piece of content- video, audio, text or images to our discretion.