Exclusive With Shefali Shah | I Have NO Regrets About Taking A Break

Actress Shefali Shah is an amazing actress but she’s also a mom to teens and Mansi Zaveri, Founder of Kidsstoppress.com had a super time talking to her about her work, her come back, Shefali Shah the mom, raising a teenager and more. Must watch this candid interview with Shefali Shah

We have seen her as DCP Vartika Chaturvedi in Delhi Crimes, Shamshu in Darlings or Dr Gauri Nath in Human. We got an exclusive with Shefali Shah, the actor, the mother, the OTT queen & we are super excited!

Actress Shefali Shah is one of the busiest OTT actresses. In the whirlwind world of entertainment, where careers often move at a breakneck pace, taking a step back can seem like a daunting decision.

However, for acclaimed actress Shefali Shah, the choice to take a break from the spotlight was deliberate. One of the most inspiring aspects of Shefali Shah’s journey is her unapologetic stance about her hiatus. She firmly believes that taking a break when she had her kids is not a sign of weakness or retreat; it is an act of self-care and self-discovery.

I wanted to be home. I wanted to change nappies. Give my baby a massage.. the choice was mine

Mansi Zaveri, Founder of Kidsstoppress.com caught up with actress Shefali Shah in this exclusive interview where they talk about

  • Shefali Shah’s humble background & how her childhood impacted her
  • The importance of respect when it comes to her kids
  • Her fears & her joys
  • Advice she would give her younger self
  • A super fun round of rapid-fire between 2 moms with teenagers that will have you in splits. ( How many of the Gen Z lingos you will manage to guess?)

and so much more!

Her energy, her humility & her candour have stolen our hearts and we can’t wait for you to see it! Don’t miss watching the full episode and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our Youtube channel so you never miss a new video alert!

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