Fun Events Your Kids Will Want To Attend This April- Register Now!

So here’s how your child’s April weekends will look like- join now and save big with the KSP CODE Card!

The KSP CODE Card gives parents access to some of the best events and experiences for kids in Mumbai. We love it when parents get back to us and tell us how much their kids enjoy this and look forward to more every month! So, here’s the good news for April!

Our April workshop calendar is here and it is packed with activities that your kids will absolutely love! 

Get your card today so your kids can be a part of these fun events too! Not a KSP CODE member yet? Visit to join today!

What makes KSP CODE workshops unique?

1) All workshops are organised on weekends (So yes, you don’t have to choose between school and your child’s favourite event!)

2) The batch size for each workshop is limited to 20 to 25 kids (We love to see the joy in every child’s face when they learn something new!)

3) Drop & Pick Up styled workshops (‘Coz mommy needs some ‘me time’ too!)

4) All workshops are conducted at child-friendly places (Yes, safety always comes first!) 

5) You are always the first one to know about the events! (Perks of being a CODE member!)

Not just the workshops, the card membership also helps you save a flat 15% off at your child’s favourite play areas, activity centres and their weekend favourites. Click here to see all the partner brands on the card. 

And here’s the best thing – you can avail all of this with plans starting at just Rs. 1000!

We know after this you will not need any further convincing that KSP CODE is indeed “The Card Every Parent Needs!”

Subscribe today at call: 7045900890

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