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Aastha Mehta’s journey inspires mothers worldwide. Her journey of transformation is not only the key to her success but a true motivation for all mothers.
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Motherhood is a personal journey that unfolds differently for each woman. From the miraculous journey of pregnancy to the precious moments spent nurturing a child, every step carries its significance. Aastha Mehta reminds us that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to motherhood. Each mother has her unique story to tell, and it’s essential to honour and embrace that individual journey.

How It All Started?

Aastha gave birth to a lovely baby boy and she’s here to inspire as much as she is to influence. We can confidently say…she’s here to stay! But Like Aastha did other mothers can relate to dealing with anxieties post-pregnancy and hating their body parts.

I gained 23 kilos when I was pregnant. As a fashion blogger and fitness freak I was petrified. I hated my double chin and dealt with anxieties.

Other mothers can relate to dealing with anxieties post-pregnancy and hating their body parts.

Everyone expects you to bounce back into being “NORMAL” right away. I had my insecurities but I knew I had to be patient. I told myself that every baby, mommy and their journey together are different.

Aastha was supposed to be in front of the camera even with her insecurities. She told herself she needs to be patient. And managed so well.

The Comeback

Aastha’s real comeback was giving herself time to heal. She truly inspired all the other mother’s out there who had a lot of self-doubt within themselves.

I gave my body time to heal and lost 20 kilos in 9 months. The key is to be there for yourself.

Motherhood can present unexpected challenges and moments of self-doubt. However, Aastha Mehta reminds mothers to trust in their strength and resilience. She worked hard on herself and the results were worth it.

Oh my God, what’s going to happen next? So I was already petrified because I was 23 kgs up when I was delivering. I started at 54 and I was at 77, 78. So I already had a very rough pregnancy in terms of weight because my weight gain was abnormally high and I was swelling from everywhere.

The ability to love, nurture, and protect a child is an innate quality that resides within every mother. Even in the face of uncertainties, I had an unwavering capacity to overcome obstacles and provide a safe haven for my child. Trusting in my own abilities empowered mothers to navigate the journey of motherhood with confidence.

Aastha Mehta’s inspiring words serve as a reminder that you are not alone and that you are beautiful inside and out. Celebrate the incredible gift of motherhood, for it is a journey filled with immeasurable love, growth, and personal triumphs.

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