Indian Parents On The Ifs, Whys, And When They Would Buy Their Child A Kindle

A mom’s recollection of how her child loves being read out stories from their favourite device! Here’s why my family made the switch to Kindle.

The one thing my husband and I share is our love for reading. We love stocking up on our collection of must-reads. And when our child was born we knew we wanted to pass on our love of reading to her. So, we obviously started her very early. She would cuddle in our laps as we read out books, one after another.

The number of books we started to purchase were growing immensely and space-starved that we were. We started exploring more options. We wanted to gift our child a never ending collection of books, an easy way to read and a lifetime of experience.

That’s when we got the idea!

Soon the technology wave hit us big and I was surprised to see my kid take to it like a duck takes to water. We got home a Kindle and she would snuggle with us and happily listen to the endless e-books that were read out to her. She soon got comfortable with a Kindle tucked in her little hands and would flip through the picture books on her favourite device.

As a parent it gave me a lot of satisfaction to see our love for books “rekindled” in our child! After a hard day’s schedule of work and play, she settles with the Kindle in hand. And insists I read out her favourite classics one after another.

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She stops me in between and asks me endless questions of which I waltz through some. “Whats’ a spindle ma?”, she asked when I narrated the Sleeping Beauty story. Not satisfied with my generic replies she prodded me further and didn’t stop till she was fully satisfied knowing about it and seeing an image of one on the Wikipedia page in her Kindle.

Technological advances on finger tips and how! Can’t wait for my little one to grow up and search answers for her knowledge quest through the Kindle!

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