Kids & Inclusivity. Why Is It Important For You To Learn What It Means?

What is inclusivity? Why should we treat everyone with respect? Tune in to find out why and don’t forget to have a round table discussion with your kids later.

Many years back, there was so much discrimination on the basis of religion, colour, abilities, etc. Thankfully, today we don’t see these problems on a large scale. However, it still happens. In schools, when a child is not as good in studies or isn’t active in physical activities is teased or looked down upon by their peers. Have you come across this situation? Well, if you did, I hope you stood up against it and helped that other kid not feel so alone or hopeless.

Why Must You Stand Up For Them? 

Because it is very important for us to make the ones with special needs feel belonged in society. It is very important for us to learn about inclusivity and how to be inclusive. And it’s not difficult, you just need an open mind and a big heart.

In this episode we learn:

  • What is inclusivity
  • Importance of inclusivity
  • How to be inclusive
  • and a lot more!

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Listen to the entire podcast, this quick and interesting episode is going to engage your kids indoors! 

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