Met Gala Inspired Parenting Memes – Which One Are You?

The Met Gala event is actually an excuse for fun & laughter for most of us and we’re loving the outfits this year too! Check these out and see which one you relate to the most!

The Met Gala 2023 was held yesterday and we are still recovering from the fashion overload! What was even exciting is the number of Indian celebrities who joined the glam this year. The Met is known for it’s star studded comrades, but do you know what this extravaganza is more famous for? The memes of course! So we have joined the fun again this year and created some quirky, hilarious and relatable parenting memes. And we are surely loving it!

I’m sure you’re having a difficult time getting through ‘hump day’, and memes are notoriously funny, relatable and never fail to bring a twinkle in our eyes. So, check out these funny memes to bring a little laughter into your busy day!

We all need some humor in our lives when temperatures are soaring outside and these parenting memes will have you laughing out loud.

Let us know what you think about our hilarious take on The Met 2023!

P.S. Which one are you?

The Met Gala 2023

The dad who is stressed with the duty assigned to him but also never forgets to slay at parties!

She is always ready to prove her point- don’t mess with her!

Whether a really hot summer day or heavy rain- this mom always seems to have herself together along with her practiced smile.

Is there anything more to be said here? The mom who understands the assignment always!

If ‘dress-to-impress’ was a person it would be her. No matter the occasion- big or small, this mom always slays!

The mom who we all go to asking her secrets of how to bounce back after pregnancy.

No matter what anybody says- she does she. Period.

Now, we’ve all been here once- right moms?

Also the dad, all the moms secretly admire from far!

The Met Gala 2022

My kids would come back from school often enough complaining that “His mom gives him yummy tiffin every day’. Well! Thank God for the KSP Meal Plan now that’s sorted.

Mom spend so much making their little one look like a princess with beautiful hair all neatly pinned….Ummm OK what happened there?

Hahahahaha!! Don’t know what else to say.

It’s possible guys. It really is. You can get back into your little black dress again!

Those clothes are just so comfy. Who are we to judge you!

Yes and then there are these mums. I wonder where they get the time. All I found the time for was to put it in a messy bun so I looked presentable.

Yeah!!! We have all definitely rejoiced over this situation!

Good things should be shared. So, we have posted these memes on our Instagram too! Go ahead and tag all your friends who you think fit into these.

Did you find them funny? I am definitely the one who misunderstands the annual function as my red carpet moment (I mean, the world is our stage after all!). Which one are you?

Let me know in the comments below and share this with all your friends and make their day!

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