Mom Who Regrets Not Reading Shares The 6 Tips She Used To Make Her Child Love Books!

Here are the 6 easy ways to help your child get interested in books early on

More often than I hear most moms complaining at the park that their kids don’t love reading, or just can’t manage to sit in one place to browse through even one page of a book. I was just like that as a kid. I know a lot of friends who are voracious readers and read till their eyes popped out but their kids didn’t take to reading at all.

I wanted to do all I could to raise a reader because it was probably one thing I always regretted. So when I had my first child I read enough online and learnt from the experiences of other moms to understand what it takes to raise a reader especially when you aren’t one!

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Here are the 6 easy ways to help your child get interested in books early on:

1. Stock up on interactive books: 

Just like toys get a variety of books suitable for toddlers, like the colourful word-less picture books- the ones with big pictures of animals, birds, other everyday objects. Interactive books like the peek- a- boo/lift a flap books with different textures are hit, amongst toddlers. My daughter loves the Farm Animals baby touch book which has all sorts of touch and feel textures of the farm animals like the fluffy chicks and woolly sheep. Then there is the First 100 words board book that has pictures in bright colours, easy to read labels with concepts like things that go, food, at the park,bath-time, all these are perfect for early learning years.

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2. Stick to simple stories: 

Short story books with lovely illustrations and pictures are perfect to suit the short attention span of a toddler and to introduce new concepts and words in his vocabulary. Choose from the list of the best books for kids from KSP Book Club. 

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3. Keep books within your child’s reach: 

Make books an integral part of their lives and not something they come across by chance. Keep 2 or 3 books in those corners or areas which are easily accessible to your toddler. Ensure the books are not too big for your child to carry or lift on their own.

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4. Gift wrap the book: 

Look what mama got you? Wow a new book is it? Every time I get a new book for my daughter I try to create a lot of excitement around it because that is what I feel when I get hold of a new book for myself. And it’s a fun way of getting her curiously involved in reading the book asap.

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5. Read aloud:

I’ve noticed many moms being shy about reading in public with the child, but to me, the best thing about motherhood is the opportunity to be childlike again. So pick up that animal picture book and give a loud roar when you see a lion in the picture and see how your baby will giggle and copy the same action in full spirit! That’s how fast they learn..and don’t worry, no one’s going to give you any strange stare for this!


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6. Nursery rhymes: 

Collect books on your toddler’s favourite nursery rhyme and sing and enact those songs with actions to get them actively involved in the book. They can’t read yet but they can very well memorise the rhythm and words. Ding dong bell, horsey horsey don’t you stop, ba- ba- black sheep..guess there is a nursery rhyme on every animal out there! nursery rhyme books_kidsstoppress

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