Parents Of Teens, Are You Losing Your Mind?

What makes teens so different from what they were as kids growing up? Why does it often seem like a battle to bond with them?
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Teenagers frequently bring up thoughts of revolt, erratic emotions, and questionable judgment. As parents, we often find ourselves confused by their actions and wondering if we’re still sane. Between childhood and adolescence, the tween years can be both an exciting and difficult time for both kids and their parents. Tweens go through considerable physical, emotional, and social changes that influence their personalities and interests. They normally range in age from 9 to 12 years old. Moms find themselves riding an emotional rollercoaster of their own as their tween children set off on a voyage of self-discovery.

Here is what they go through in their tough formation years during which they need our support.

1. The Teenage Mysteries

Adolescence is a phase of transformation that involves physiological, psychological, and emotional changes. Teenagers go out on a journey to discover who they are, pushing the limits and questioning authority figures. Don’t take it seriously.

2. Emotional Roller Coaster:

The emotional roller coaster that we as parents unknowingly ride during the adolescent years is one of its key features. Teenagers are capable of experiencing both exuberant highs and profound lows in a couple of seconds. As parents, we might begin to doubt our sanity during these times as we try to traverse the turbulent emotional terrain.

3. The Art of Poor Decision-Making:

Decisions made by teenagers are infamous for challenging reason and typical sense. It seems as though they have an amazing capacity to push the boundaries of our tolerance, whether it is through perplexing fashion choices or rash decisions with long-lasting effects.

4. The Insanity Inheritance:

Parents of teenagers may relate to Sam Levenson’s claim that insanity runs in families. We may occasionally feel as though we are losing our heads due to the turmoil and irrationality we face in this era of parenthood.

5. The Silver Lining:

Even while teenage sanity might occasionally push us to the limit, it’s important to see the bright side. As parents, we get to see as our kids mature, change, and blossom into young adults with their own distinct viewpoints.

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