Sports Movies That You Must Watch With The Kids

This weekend, watch some awe-inspiring and tear-jerking but amazing stories of real people with these sports movies. Your kids will love them!

This time for our movie recommendations, we have dived into the world of sports! What better way to teach your kids important lessons and values? These sports movies are inspiring, wonderful, family-oriented and shoes the process behind the word “success”.

We have compiled a list of movies that are classics and some that you haven’t heard of but should. Let your kids fall in love with these stories and these characters, that are as real as they come. We always watch movies that have a fictional storyline and so, sometimes even the struggles are beatified. But in movies like this, we see real struggle, real crisis and a real way of overcoming them, don’t you think kids should know this more?

Must-Watch Movies On Sports:

The Swimmers:

“The Swimmers” is based on the true story of two Syrian sisters, Sara and Yusra Mardini, played by real-life sisters Manal and Nathalie Issa, Who are refugees. Their story leads one of the two into participating in the Rio Olympics as a professional swimmer. This is one tear-jerking and inspiring movie indeed!

Skate Girl:

When a teen in rural India discovers a life-changing passion for skateboarding, she faces a rough road as she follows her dream to compete.


Iqbal, a boy hard of hearing and without speech, dreams of playing in the Indian cricket team. When his condition hinders his selection, he asks a retired coach to train him.

Chak De India:

Kabir Khan, a former hockey star, is tainted as someone who betrayed his country. However, he begins coaching the Indian women’s national hockey team to prove his loyalty to the nation. This is a classic and your kid should not miss out on this!

Karate Kid:

Dre, a young boy, finds himself bullied by Cheng, a rebellious kung fu prodigy at his school. However, things change after he befriends Mr Han, a maintenance man, who happens to be a kung fu expert. This is a fun movie that teaches a lot of values!

Hawa Hawaai:

Arjun, a poor boy working at a tea stall, aspires to become a skating champion. His dream comes true when Aniket, a skating coach, decides to train him. A must-watch!

Full Out:

Fourteen-year-old gymnast Ariana meets with a car accident that derails her dream to participate in the Olympics. With the help of UCLA’s coach, she works to regain her confidence and her skills.

King Richard:

Coming from an unprivileged background, Venus Williams and Serena Williams rise to the top and dominate the world of women’s tennis with the help of their ever-supporting father, Richard Williams. This movie will show kids what goes in the making of a campion.

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