Teen Boy Saves Co-Passenger Lives & Wins Over The Internet

This brave act of a teenage boy melts our hearts but gets us concerned at the same time, as parents. Find out why.
Image source: CNN

When I came across this news about a teenage boy Dillon Reeves from Carter Middle School springing into action and saving the lives of 66 passengers after the school bus driver fainted suddenly, the first overwhelming emotion was that of quick thinking and reflexes and how courageous his parents had raised him to be.

There are so many things out there in the mind of a 13-year-old that such acts of courage and bravado are rare. Pictures and videos of the boy being celebrated for his quick thinking and his beaming parents beside him are flooding the Internet and making a way into our dinner table conversation.

Image source: PKBNews.in

But there is something deeper in this story that got me worried as a parent. Why did Dillon alone save the driver?

The reason being he was the ONLY child on the bus who wasn’t on the phone and hence could pay attention to the bus driver faltering and eventually fainting, my heart skipped a beat.

Are we raising children who are walking and talking nomads in the digital era? Screen time and addiction have taken away special memories and quality time for our children. Is it now proving too costly for us?

We earlier shared with you on how much screen time is too much screen time for your kids. This is of course for toddlers and the younger ones who are early on in the screen addiction spectrum. Read it below.

But somewhere between all of this are we as parents to blame for this behaviour of children? Have we sowed deep into their minds about the fantasies of the digital world that they find hard to come out of? Mansi Zaveri, Founder- Kidsstoppress.com shares 5 tips that helped her win over screen time battles with her children.

We also asked Dr Nisha Vidyasagar, a Clinical Psychologist how to handle teen’s smartphone addiction. She shares 7 tips in the below article that helps us handle our teen’s smartphone addiction.

Watch the video for proven tips to reduce smartphone addiction in your kids. Your child’s development – emotional & physical is important and can get stunted if they are constantly on the phone. This could help.

How do you handle this situation in your homes? Talk to us in the comments below.

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