The Best Farm-To-Home, Fresh & Organic Milk Brands In Chennai

Here’s where you must head to buy natural, organic milk for your family in Chennai. 

Hot, cold or warm, there is no child who is allowed to hate this nutritious drink! Yes, we are talking about the very healthy milk. For generations now, every Indian child’s day begins with that tall glass of doodh. Plain or flavoured, we mommies go to any extent to ensure this little nutrition reaches our child every morning.

However, how sure are we about the milk we give our kids? As a mother, I have always been curious about organic milk. If pesticides and other food adulteration products have made us switch to organic veggies, why not milk? Rings a bell? Here’s where you must head to buy natural, organic milk for your family in Chennai. 

Annam Milk

This brand delivers original A2 milk from the traditional “Naatu Pasu” breed of cows. They are delivered in glass bottles to avoid plastic and polythene bags.
Address: 1/21,A,17th Street, Venkateswara Nagar, Ramapuram, Chennai
Contact: 7338864186
Website: Annam Milk
Facebook: Annam Milk

The Milk Pot

Fresh, raw milk straight from the farm- from their own indigenous breed of cows, The Milk Pot delivers pure, unadulterated milk straight to your doorstep.
Contact: 9940062525
Website: The Milk Pot
Facebook: The Milk Pot

Astra Dairy Farms

They deliver 100% farm fresh, pure, untouched and inconsistent milk straight at your doorstep. Their pasteurized milk is a ready-to-consume option for people on the go.
Address: #22, 1st Floor, 47th Street, Ashok Nagar, Chennai
Contact: 9840037106, 044 42318424
Website: Astra Dairy Farms
Facebook: Astra Dairy Farms 

Aria Dairy Farm

They deliver pure, organic A2 milk from Indian indigenous desi cows (Gir, Sindhi and Sahiwal etc), known for its inherent high nourishment and medicinal values.
Address: 53, Veerabadran St, Nungambakkam, Chennai
Contact: 044 2345 0700, 8939991574, 8939991572
Website: Aria Dairy Farm
Facebook: Aria Dairy Farm

Trader Koshy

Trader Koshy specialises in a range of organic products such as milk, vegetables, fruits, pickles, honey, etc this is sourced from some of the most pristine environments in Chennai.
Address: Mookuthiamman Koil St, Kalavakkam, Thiruporur
Contact: 09444908420
Facebook: Trader Koshy

The Right Moo 

The Right Moo’s range of milk and milk-based products is 100% organic in nature. They source the milk from cows that graze in fresh farms annd deliver the milk right to your doorstep.
Address: Door No-11/6, 1st Floor, Bishop Wallers Avenue (South), CIT Colony, Mylapore, Chennai
Website: The Right Moo 
Facebook: The Right Moo 

Tapovana Organic Farms

They specialise in chemical and fertilizer-free food and A2 cow milk products from there own organic farms. Their range of organic vegetables, fruits, curd, ghee, ice cream, paneer and other groceries are procured directly from farmers.
Address: 115, Dharga Road, Zamin Pallavaram, Chennai
Contact: 044 43540198, 9962299398, 9962299380
Website: Tapovana Organic Farms
Facebook: Tapovana Organic Farms


Maram Milk

At Maram farmhouse, they strictly ensure that cows are given fodder that is free of pesticides, fertilisers or unnecessary growth hormones. They deliver fresh milk straight to your doorstep.
Address: Multiple locations, click here
Contact: 9840155121
Website: Maram Milk
Facebook: Maram Milk 

Akshayakalpa Organic Milk

Akshayakalpa that delivers in Chennai and Bengaluru, identifies the young farmers who gave up their farming operations due to economic non-viability and aid them with bank linkages, farmers outreach and technical services and access to markets.
Address: No. 10, Ground Floor, 2nd St, KG NTR Heritage, Nagarjuna Nagar, Kodambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600024

Contact: 95353 88122
Website: Akshayakalpa

Gramathu Milk

Gramathu milk specialises in A2 milk, A2 ghee, buffalo milk and curd delievered straight to your doorstep.
Address: 6/61, Muthamizh Nagar, 164th Street, Kodungaiyur, Chennai
Contact: 9940407808
Website: Gramathu Milk
Facebook: Gramathu Milk

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Disclaimer: Names listed here are sourced from recommendations. please do your own research before you make your choice.

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