The Handbook For The Family That Loves To Travel

As the year draws to an end, parents are looking for options to travel. We help them out.

We all love to travel, don’t we? But travelling can be broadly classified as BC and AC- Before and After Children! A funny meme I once read said there is nothing called a vacation if it involves kids- it is just a change of location! We know how hard it can be to plan a trip with kids– but once you decide to embark on it- the joy is simply unparalleled!

This holidays, plan a quick getaway with your family and enjoy the quality time that you missed out on due to work and other responsibilities. From weekend getaways to short-distance travels in safe homestays and villas are now the new normal.

We at KSP, help you put your worries aside and plan stunning and enjoyable trips with the entire family with this essential travel-friendly guide. Answering all your doubts about travelling, this guide will inspire you to plan one, this holiday season, right away!

Do let your friends know- or even better plan a vacation with family and friends and revel in the good times! Don’t forget to let us know your feedback!

Planning A Trip? Here’s All The Help You Need

We are all excited when it comes to planning a family holiday. But lets accept the fact that it is easier said than done. A lot of research, inputs, homework and know-hows come into play when you aspire for the perfect family holiday! Here’s all you need to know to plan that perfect getaway with your loved ones!

5 Tips On How To Choose A Country To Travel With Your Infant

Here’s What You Should Be Carrying Along

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Packing for a holiday is enjoyable and strenuous at the same time. The one tiny thing that you leave behind will turn out to be the most important one! Here are the essential checklist and tips you will need when packing for your kids!

5 Things You Must Remember To Carry With You When Travelling With An Infant
Planning A Holiday Travel With The Kids? Make Sure You Read This Before You Get, Set, Go!

Essential packing list when travelling with kids

Tips to keep them busy when traveling

Best Travel Backpacks For Children (P.S Buy Them Here!)
All You Need To Know Before You Apply For Your Baby’s Passport
Compact Travel Kits For Kids To Keep Them Engaged When You’re On The Go!

3 Books You Can Enjoy While On Vacation

Inspiring Reads

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We all need that dose of inspiration when we plan a holiday, don’t we? Read all about inspiring parents, who endured challenges and difficulties but made sure they holidayed together with their kids- what the travels taught them, how their kids enjoyed it and how we can be inspired from their journeys.

This Mom Busts The Common Backpacking Myths You Thought Were True!

Tips And Hacks You Must Remember When Travelling With Kids

Here Is How Travel Helps Build Experiences For Your Kids

This mom traveled to an offbeat destination with her 3-year-old

This dad travelled 28000 kms in just 4 months with his son

Why you should travel often with your kids

Try Something New This Winter Vacation: Learn A Sport!

Here’s how you can keep your child busy on the flight

Leaving kids behind for the holiday? Here’s how you can stay guilt-free

Flying With Toddlers? Mom Of 2 Shares Winning Tips To Keep Kids Whine-Free!

Prep your child before the visit to the Visa office

5 Places To Travel This Summer With An Infant

5 Essentials Every Dad Needs To Have When Travelling With Baby

Why Travelling With Your Child Is The Best Way To Bond With Them

What This Ski Trip With Her Girls Taught This Mom

Summer Travel: Tips From A Mom On The Right Way To Travel As A Family This Summer

5 Things Only Moms Who Travel Can Relate To

Why Your Next Family Vacation Should Be A Cruise


Apps & Products you need to have before you travel

Engaging kids during travel is an ordeal. Here are some essential apps and tech hacks to engage your child’s little minds when you are busy enjoying your holiday!

You know you will need this world’s smallest stroller when travelling with your kid

Must have apps to engage kids when on a holiday

Easy way to teach kids geography

Family game apps to download before the long weekend

Baby carriers to help ease your travel

The Best Apple Watch Apps For The Family That Loves To Travel

Wonderfoods to carry when travelling

Popular Kids Audiobooks That Narrate A Story In Less Than 2 Hours

10 Easy Ways To Take That Professional-Looking, Instagram-Worthy Holiday Pic Of Baby!


Weekend Getaways

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Here’s a list of places you can head out with your family from your city for that breather amidst the maddening daily routine!

Weekend Getaways from Delhi

Weekend  Getaways from Mumbai

Weekend Getaways from Bengaluru

Camping At Damdama Is The Perfect Weekend Getaway From Delhi, Says This Mom

Kid-friendly Indian Resorts

Wildlife resorts with child-friendly stays

Celebrate Christmas in style at these places

5 Kid-Friendly Weekend Getaway Options From Chennai

Best Kid-Friendly Beaches In Goa (Parent Recommended) 

Best Kid-Friendly Hotels In Goa (Parent-Recommended!)

Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants In Goa (Parent Recommended)

Kid-Friendly Farmstay At Just 45 Kms From Delhi- Head There Today!
Plan Your Family’s Weekend Getaway At This Greek-Themed Bungalow


The Humour Quotient

Moms and holiday- what’s that?!

Do moms ever get a holiday?

What Does Your Suitcase Say About Your Parenting Style?
This Quiz Tells You Your Exact Parenting Style During The Holiday Season! Find Out!



Travel Diaries

Here are the places we at KSP and our contributors have been to and journaled to serve as a ready reckoner for you! We can’t wait to add more to this list!


Coonoor and Ooty

Jaisalmer and Jodhpur


Kid-Friendly Destinations That Make Visa Planning Fuss-Free
This Guwahati Mom Is Giving Us #TravelGoals With A Toddler Trip Through Europe!
Must Visit Places In Switzerland With Kids Every Parent In Your Timeline Would Recommend

Hong Kong Disney

Walt Disney World


Fun things to do in Delhi-NCR with kids

Things To Do In Jaipur With Your Kids
Things To Do In Kolkata With Your Kids

Best kid-friendly Air-BnBs in India 

Fun things to do in Bengaluru with kids

Kid-Friendly Itinerary To Himachal Pradesh
Kid-Friendly Itinerary For Kenyan Wildlife Safari
Things To Do With Kids In Singapore Only A Mom Can Recommend
This Family’s Child-Friendly Travel Itinerary To Sikkim Will Make You Book Your Holiday Now!
Must Visit Places In London With Kids Every Parent In Your Timeline Would Recommend
To Paris With 2 Kids In Tow- This Mom Gives Us Serious #TravelGoals!
KSP Travel Diaries Ranthambore: Holiday Vlog With Family!


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