The Secret To Making Learning At Home Fun For Kids

To get them learning and revising concepts taught in school, yet they find excuses to run away! We know the difficulty, don’t we parents? Here’s a solution!

Every PTM meeting or school orientation programme, tells you the same thing. Reinforce the topics we teach at school, they say. Make sure the kids learning and revising what is taught in school, so they remember better- we are told. But every parent knows that this is a challenging task.

Especially for the early learners and grade-schoolers. To get them to a study routine and revise concepts taught just reminds them of school and they find excuses to run away! We know the difficulty, don’t we parents?!

Is there a solution to it? Yes!

Tap into the power of worksheets for kids that help reinforce simple concepts in an engaging and interesting way that makes learning fun for your little ones. Don’t believe us? Here are more reasons why worksheets help children learn better:

1. Keeps Them Away From Screens:

For today’s millennial parents, reducing screen time is the biggest challenge. And the alternative to that is to get them busy and engaged in something even better. Worksheets help achieve this and also keep them busy, forgetting screens for a while. Once you make this a habit and weave it into their routine, it becomes automatic for them and you don’t even have to yell!

2. Learning- But In A Subtle Way:

Anything forced never works for the children. Especially the ones who are just starting their formal education. Worksheets serve as a fun activity that helps you bond better with the kids and solve the different puzzles and questions on the sheet. You are in effect teaching them and getting them to think but without the formal textbook-notebook setup. A win-win for parents.

3. Helps Reinforcement And Repetition:

With worksheets you have the flexibility of printing them again over time, thus reinforcing the concepts and enabling repeated learning- so this time you know how much the child has understood the concepts from the previous time. Great way to serve as a mock test or even time it to make it interesting for them.

4. Gets Them To Sit Down And Focus Better:

Got kids running around the house? Need to teach them to sit in a place for a longer time? Worksheets work like magic! Not only keeps them busy but also serves as means of getting them to focus on one thing at a time. A habit that will be reinforced at school, too.

Finding the right worksheets for children can be a task for parents, given the abundance out there in the market. But how do you choose the right ones, that don’t make it boring for the kids and yet drive home the essential concepts?

Hewlett Packard’s PLC (Print Learn Center) campaign aims to make learning more interactive for children from 3-12 years with their range of worksheets and learning resources designed by India’s leading early-years educationalists.

We told you on Kidsstoppress earlier, how we unearthed a world of paper-pencil-based activities on the PLC website, that help children improve their understanding and application of concepts. From math to science, to arts to travel, the themes and hence, the opportunity to learn and have fun are endless!

The team at PLC in talks with senior educationalists and early-years educators have designed worksheets that are apt for children, right from kindergarteners to busy tweens who are handling multiple subjects! These are designed on the LAR framework (Learn- Apply- Resolve). This unique approach enables your children to understand basic concepts, retain them in long-term memory and apply them when called upon.

Here’s a sneak peek of the various worksheets available for children from toddlers to teens across various subjects and categories. Check out a few samples below, download them and access the PLC website for more!


Value Education

Science and Technology


Financial Literacy

Go ahead, try them out and let us know how your kids loved working on them. There are so many more worksheets that your kids will absolutely love! Don’t forget to share these tips with a fellow parent who will find them useful too.

This post is written in association with the HP-PLC Campaign

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