The Israel-Palestine Conflict -Simplified For Kids To Understand

The Israel-Palestine conflict has been a deeply complex issue that has captured the attention of the world for decades. Listen to this podcast where it is simplified for kids.

The Israel-Palestine conflict has been a longstanding and deeply complex issue that has captured the attention of the world for decades. While news reports and articles provide valuable insights, we are going to explain this conflict to your child in a simplified manner. 

This podcast will not only tell you the history but also present various angles so there is no biased views. This podcast will foster empathy and sparking informed discussions.

This podcast talks about:

  • What is the Isreal-Palestine war? When did it start?
  • Who does Israel and settlement area belong to?
  • Who is Hammas? Why did he bomb Israel?
  • How does India get affected by this war?
  • What did Gandhi say about the Israel- Palestine War?

It’s important that we give our children filtered information about the war so they don’t have a biased-approach. We need to give them tools so they propogate peace into the world. This podcast not only educates but also inspires kids to be compassionate global citizens who value peace and understanding. It’s a valuable resource for families, schools, and anyone looking to foster a spirit of empathy and curiosity in the next generation.

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