“You Are Doing It All Wrong!” Grandparents Cite Our Biggest Parenting Flaws!

Grandparents’ advice on parenting: Listen to your child, don’t expect perfection, let them fall & experience life, and avoid overanalyzing

What’s common between parenting and a smartphone? A new version comes out every so often! Just as your smartphone gets its periodical update so does the list of how tos to raise your child! And when it comes to doing a routine check of our parenting skills, grandparents seem to have a say in everything! Parents and grandparents have historically been on opposite ends of the parenting spectrum. What we do, they don’t approve. Simple.

So we asked grandparents what are the mistakes their children commit when they raise kids.

1. Grandparents say, “You aren’t listening to what your child is telling you!” A child throws a tantrum because it can’t express itself any other way and hates hearing the word no.saying no - kidsstoppress

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2. Grandparents say, “You expect your child to listen to you always? Why?” We all wish for this as if they are not our kids but robots. We call him a good boy if he does exactly as he was told. So going by this logic, how do we make good parents if we hardly listen to our kids? Read why having a well behaved child can be an alarming sign.

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3. Grandparents say, “You give in to your kid’s demands too easily.” We are very quick to buy whatever our child demands – new toys, new pair of shoes, whatever! They don’t know the meaning of waiting for something or earning something if their demands are fulfilled so quickly

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4. Grandparents say, “You are giving in more than you can handle” Be it peer pressure or just plain guilt at not spending enough time with our children parents try to win over their children by giving in to their demands however crazy they are. This makes children materialistic and doesn’t teach them to value what they have. See how buying fewer toys can be the best thing you can do for your kid.

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5. Grandparents say, “Stop expecting your child to be perfect! He is a child!” We tend to expect our children to share, be well behaved, and act like adults from the get go. We all expect to raise perfect children but grandparents say, kids will be kids. They are not adults until they are 21.

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6. Grandparents say, “We analyse too much and sweat over petty things.” These days parents tend to worry about the small things. A common cold? What if it turns into pneumonia! Bumped his head? What if he has a concussion! There are too many rules attached to the way we parent nowadays and we tend to sweat the small stuff. What we need to remember is in the long run it doesn’t matter if your child skipped his glass of milk today, or ate too much candy yesterday.

what if

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7. Grandparents say, “Parents don’t let children fall enough.” Our children lead protected, sheltered, ultra safe lives where they are protected by helmets, knee pads, etc even when they have to cycle, something we never did when we took the cycle for a ride down the street. We interfere in everything whether it be standing up to the school bully, or asking neighbourhood kids if our child can play with them. Children need to learn to solve their own battles.


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8. Grandparents say, “You give your children too many choices!” Children today have a say in everything. They have a hundred pairs of shoes and when they have to get ready we give THEM an opportunity to choose. Too many options can freeze the best of minds, and they are children after all!

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9. Grandparents say, “Stop fussing, it is alright if they don’t eat!” We are constantly complaining that our kids don’t eat enough, but we rarely give them a chance to feel hungry. Today’s children are constantly snacking in between meals or we tend to serve them the same meals in an effort to get healthy food into them. Children are equipped to tell us if they are hungry.


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10. Grandparents say, ” You lead regimented lives. Live a little!” There is a reason we are constantly complaining about stressful lives and the fact that we need to take a break. We crave holidays, weekend getaways, and aspire to leave it all behind! Our days are packed, our evenings are filled, and our weekends are all about finishing what we couldn’t get to during the week. Remember our children are learning to live from us.

regimated lives

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