KSP Launches 3 New Books- Order NOW!

No one said parenting was easy. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have our share of fun and joy along the ride!

All of you have found our morning humour quotes so relatable. Most of you have asked us how do we always manage to get it right! The answer is ‘coz we have been there, done that too! We have been in those shoes and know what you are dealing with at different points of the day and in different phases of your parenting life.

Which is why we have published not 1, not 2 but 3 NEW RELEASES for today’s parent who needs a pat on the back. We want to present our labour of love to you- 3 books for today’s busy parent on Humour, Parenting Quotes & Positive Affirmations.

101 Parenting Affirmations

Need a quick pat on your back to remind you how great you are doing on days you feel like the worst parent? This book is for you. To show you that we are in this together. As a fraternity.

For The Imperfect Parent- 111 Perfect Parenting Quotes

Read this on a day you feel not so good. Re-read them on days to know that you are not alone. No advice. No judgement. Just a shoulder for you to lean on, and a sounding board that tells you, that “you are doing great!”

LOL With 110 Parenting Quotes

We know parenting doesn’t come with the most convenient job description, but it does have its fair share of humour if you look in the right corners. This book does just that. 

Save BIG With The 3-in-1 Combo Pack!

Order your Perfect Gift For The Imperfect Parent – 3 In 1 Combo pack and get a discount on the combo pack NOW! Howzzat?!

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