KSP Book Club: GoldiBoy And The Three Apes

The book that has already won the hearts of parents, and educators for its spotlight on a topic of relevance talks about inclusion, kindness, empathy

As parents, we often talk at length about how we need to raise our children with values and essential life skills. We read out stories of bravery, empathy, gratitude and kindness to them. We talk about our daily experiences and how we can showcase these virtues in our everyday lives.

But do we recognise our children’s efforts when they DO step up and act right? Remember, children learn more from seeing than by preaching.

When your toddler runs to give you a glass of water when you come back home tired from work, take a second to acknowledge and appreciate them.

When they help move a snail or caterpillar from the footpath to the corner, take a second to tell them how kind they have acted.

At the park when some friends tease another, if your child steps up to protect them, acknowledge their behaviour to let them know they have done right!

This week on KSP Book Club, we talk to you about a new book that talks about the world of neurodiversity in a simple yet interesting manner that makes it a fun read for children. Scroll down to read the review and stand a chance to win some amazing goodies in a fun contest!

About The Book

HarperCollins Children’s Books has recently published a new children’s book titled Goldiboy And The Three Apes. Authored by Ashiish V. Patil and illustrated by Nikita M. Biswas, this is an “isspeshal” book that takes a heart-warming spin on the classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears tale. A light book that children will find enjoyable, this story introduces kids and adults alike to the world of neurodiversity and autism in the simplest, most fun manner.

The book inspires children (and adults) to be more compassionate and to exhibit inclusion and empathy in what we do and with whom we meet. The book that has already won the hearts of parents, and educators for its spotlight on a topic of relevance talks about inclusion, kindness, empathy while traversing a difficult subject such as neurodiversity and autism for children.

We loved how the proceeds of the book’s earnings go to a centre for children with autism and other developmental differences. Kudos for taking a beautiful step in this direction!

The narrative is simple and rhyming and tells the story of young Goldiboy without evoking any sympathy or pity from the reader- which is a crucial step. To exhibit inclusivity and kindness, you need to exhibit empathy and not pity-a valuable lesson that we need to teach our children.

In a nutshell, this story is about a “isspeshal” boy Goldiboy who finds it hard to win people over or make friends. He chances upon an empty house, much like Goldilocks did in the classic story! What he finds there, what he likes and relates to and what happens when the three apes come back home to find an invited guest from the story.

Suitable for kids 6+this is a book that you will want to revisit with your kids to tell them that it is okay if you don’t “belong” to a particular notion of what other people assume you to be. Be yourself is the message your kids will take home with the book, that has fab illustrations bringing the characters to life!

Contest Alert

To celebrate and encourage such acts of kindness from children, Harper Collins Children’s Books is running this fun contest for your kids and take home some amazing goodies!

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