When Should Kids Wear Make-Up?

Ready for another parenting query? Here is what parents said about when kids should start wearing make-up. Read now!

Make-up? We used to think that was only for grown-ups and secretly stole our mom’s lipstick at night just to imagine ourselves with it when we grew up… Cut to today, where social media rules and with it, it’s many benchmarks and expectations. Kids are exposed to so many things before they are at the right age to have opinions about it. And so it has become very crucial for parents to have proper conversations and set strict and yet fair ground rules for kids.

While there are many things that kids can get influenced about. Make-up companies using young influencers to promote their brands is one of them. Everyone look so perfect in reel life, that it creates a lot of anxiety in kids today, to look a certain way. Pre-teens are mostly a prey of this trend.

So, What Is The Right Age For Kids To Wear Make-Up?

This question is one of our new additions to our #KSPQuestionOfTheWeek series on our Instagram page. We ask parenting questions to learn your opinion and get a wider sense of perspective of topics. Likewise, many parents responded to our question with various thoughts and opinions.

Here are some of them,

Make-up, yes it is better to start at 18… but skincare- yes. Very crucial from a young age.

We all loved watching our moms get dressed. And it is a fantastic idea to give them organic skincare as make-up- A win-win situation.

Yep, the main thing to be mindful about, is not making them feel like they are better looking with make-up or the idea that only with make-up you look pretty.

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