2023 Popular Baby Boy Names Millennial Indian Parents Will Love

This list of traditional Indian names and modern unique baby boy names 2023, is all you need when selecting one for your little prince. Read now!

It’s the new year and it’s time for another amazing list of the best Indian traditional baby boy names! But this time with a twist! We’ll give you the classic list of traditional but also another list of modern unique names too. Amazing right?

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Finding a name for your lil’ one is the first and one of the many daunting responsibilities that come with parenthood. A name is way more important than what we usually think it is. Imagine, this word that you give your child is gonna stick with him, his whole life! We know the importance of it and chance have found for you names that are meaningful and unique too!

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Many studies show, that we as individuals, subconsciously develop qualities or attributes that are accredited to our names. How fascinating! Well then, this job should be taken seriously right? So, here is a list of traditional and modern names of 2023 that have beautiful meanings!

Best Indian Traditional Baby Boy Names 2023:

  1. Aakrit – shape 
  2. Alok – invisible 
  3. Amay – lord Ganesha
  4. Ansh – portion  
  5. Aadit – from the beginning, the sun 
  6. Ahil – prince 
  7. Arin – discussion 
  8. Anay – without a superior 
  9. Anuv – knowledge 
  10. Dhruv – eternal 
  11. Dheeraj – patience 
  12. Daiwik – gods grace 
  13. Hridaan – one with a great heart 
  14. Kabir – magnificent 
  15. Nirvaan – ultimate bliss
  16. Neil – champion 
  17. Naksh – moon 
  18. Priyansh – lovable part of someone 
  19. Suramsh – summary 
  20. Shreyaj – favourable 
  21. Shaurya – bravery 
  22. Shivam – lord Shiva 
  23. Skanda – 327th name of lord Vishnu 
  24. Sujal – affectionate 
  25. Vyan – breath or life-giving

Best Modern Unique Baby Boy Names 2023:

  1. Arik– eternal ruler
  2. Emir– prince
  3. Hiro– Abundant, prosperous
  4. Kaito– sea, ocean; soar, fly
  5. Laith– lion
  6. Nevan– little saint
  7. Nero– powerful, strong
  8. Ryker– rich
  9. Seren– star
  10. Zane– God’s gracious gift

These names are beautiful and modern at the same time. Choosing a name is an important and daunting task. Do you know what else is a daunting task? Knowing when and what to feed your little bundle of joy! Yes, there’s breast milk, but when and how should you start other solids and liquids?

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