5 Best Coding Apps For Kids (Age: 4 +)

Coding isn’t difficult and is something that our kids can learn at a young age to be clear with the concepts of cause-effect, logical reasoning and decision making.

Who said coding is difficult?! If you are in the tech line- you’ll realise how late we were to get introduced to the world of coding and why some of the basic concepts took longer to sink in. Thankfully, we don’t have to make the same mistakes with our children.

Coding isn’t difficult and is something that our kids can learn at a young age to be clear with the concepts of cause-effect, logical reasoning and decision making

If you want your kids to learn coding in just 4 hours, we have also collaborated with iRoboKid to put together an exclusive coding workshop for your kids. Go ahead and access this course at your own pace!

Teaching everything from simple commands to complex programs, here is a list of our favourite and most popular coding apps you need to download for your wiz kids today!


What’s great about this app:  This one is a favourite at KSP HQ. A very popular computer coding game is designed for young kids, it teaches the basics of coding and children will be able to pick it up as they play super fun games. A free app, Kodable gives the user access to many features and restricts some of them- making them accessible to the Premium subscription. Teaching the basics of if/else/then statements and looping commands, this one has been popular for a while now. Download today!

Download: App StorePlay Store


What’s great about this app: With Hopscotch, they get to make their own games and publish them for anyone to play! So from gamers, your kids turn to game creators! Get inspired and make the next great game! A drag-and-drop programming app, this one gets together a community of game creators to learn and share each other’s works. 

Download: App Store


What’s great about this app:  This app gets your little ones all excited and kicked about the world of coding through its colourful UI that makes it a fun experience. With simple drag and drop and basic commands your kids can get the bot to light up the tiles on its journey, and as you cross the stages, the difficulty levels go up. But it’s a great start to coding and to gets the kids all interested. 

Download:  Playstore, Appstore 


What’s great about this app: Tynker app, for slightly older kids, teaches programming through easy puzzles that kids will want to solve. They can build and design their own games, solve puzzles to learn concepts, and control robots and drones using step by step tutorials. The free version lets you try a limited number of puzzles and to unlock the remaining, you will have to go ahead with the in-app purchases. At steps- they falter, the app teaches them with tips to correct their coding- a very useful thing to enhance their coding knowledge. 

Download: App Store , Play Store


What’s great about this app: This one is for your budding wiz tweens and teens, that helps bring alive their games and simulations on the iPad. It is a software development tool that includes resources to teach kids to program in the Lua programming language. Beginners can start with the sample programmes and learn from the small changes they make to it- to see how the simulations work. 

Download: AppStore

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