5 Conscious Choices Every Parent Can Make

Check out these 5 sustainable parenting tips from Sonika Bhasin to create a better world for our little ones
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On the occasion of #WorldEarthDay, we put out green logos in our Instagram bios and shared a few WhatsApp messages, but what are we doing more? How are we, as parents, influencing and inspiring our children to take the right step forward? What are the inadvertent mistakes we make as parents in our pursuit of leading a sustainable living?

We asked parent and eco-warrior Sonika Bhasin and she breaks it down beautifully to 5 simple things we can start today to ensure we leave a cleaner and greener planet for our children.

Here’s a throwback to a special podcast we did with Sonika on leading a zero-waste lifestyle.

1. Buy Less

Okay so all of us are guilty of spoiling our children by buying a lot more than what is necessary. What we don’t realize is half of the time, they don’t end up using it and it just goes straight to the garbage. We loved Sonika’s reel on this topic that teaches us to be minimalistic as parents, which also saves the Earth in turn. Watch it here.

2. Eco-Friendly Birthdays

This is something that is slowly catching up with parents but there’s a lot more to be done. There is no point in throwing a grand birthday party that uses single-use plastic and is a mess to dispose of after it is over. Sonika explains how we can go for paper and cloth decoration and other sustainable options that also are responsible.

Check out this article on celebrating an eco-friendly birthday party.

3. Say YES To Reusable Products

When we conducted the Waste No More Programme a couple of months ago, we observed the awareness among the public to say NO to single-use plastics and to use disposables. But how much do we do it in our everyday life? Let’s try it more consciously.

4. Choose Outdoors

The next time you plan a weekend outing with your kids, let it be for a nature trail or walks instead of mindless walking around a nearby mall. The more we expose our kids to the outdoor world, the more they will learn about Nature. The more they will ask questions and develop a bonding with Nature. The below books might come in handy to raise an eco-friendly kid.

5. Add Sustainable Brands To Your Everyday Life

Contrary to before, there are so many brands out there in every aspect of lifestyle that are environmentally conscious and eco-friendly. Make sure you swap your regular single-use plastics for these sustainable choices.

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