All You Need To Know About The Kargil War

The soldiers were not just fighting a battle; they were carrying the dreams and aspirations of an entire nation on their backs. Every wound they endured, physical or emotional, was a tribute to the sacrifices that had come before and a promise to safeguard the future.

Brace yourselves for a thrilling expedition that will transport you to the very heart of danger. Pack your hiking gear because today we’re going on a heart-pounding adventure to explore the tumultuous peaks of the majestic Kargil mountains, a place teeming with untold tales of bravery and valor.

Join us on this episode of the I Am Not Bored podcast, as we unveil the remarkable story of the Battle of Kargil, a captivating chapter etched in the annals of history.

What we will learn in this episode:

  • Why was Kargil so Important?
  • What caused the conflict between India and Pakistan?
  • Who won the engagement and how?
  • What were the difficulties faced by our soldiers?
  • and more…!

Tune into this podcast with your children and answer the fun trivia we have planned for them towards the end of the episode.

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