Arranging ID Documents for Your Child: Indian Parent’s Guide

Here is your handy guide to getting your baby’s important documents – from where you can get it, to how to go about applying for it, and everything in between!

It is one of those things that you will never find on any things to-do list when you bring home baby. It is one of those things that can easily get lost while you are delirious and completely overwhelmed by a newborn in your arms.

But it is every bit as important. Your newborn baby’s documents. From the birth certificate to ID proof if you plan to travel with your baby soon – Kidsstoppress knows just how important it is to have all your papers in order.

So here is your handy guide to getting baby’s important docs – from where you can get it, to how to go about applying for it, and everything in between!

1. Birth Certificate

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Let’s start with the very first document you need- Baby’s Birth certificate. This is a vital and mandatory (According to ‘Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969) document that you would have to prepare for your child within the first 21 days of the child’s birth. It contains details such as time and date of birth, location, gender and parents’ names. Most Birth Certificates today contain the name of the child unlike earlier times, which is makes it a valid Proof of Identity.

Contact the hospital administration for a simplified and structured process. You might have to fill out a form issued by the hospital that will contain essential details such as the name of the baby and the parents, date and time of birth, location with hospital address and the gender of the baby.  

This form has to be duly filled and submitted along with the registration fees (varies with each State) to the City Municipality/Corporation/Village Panchayats. In the event of home birthing, the family member will have to register in the prescribed format along with a certificate from the person or medical institution that conducted the delivery.

Documents needed: Self-attested declaration stating the purpose to be submitted to the Corporation along with the form issued by the hospital. 

2. Aadhar Card

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Starting from gas subsidies to working as a valid residence proof, the Aadhar Card has numerous benefits and it only takes a little time and effort to make one for your child. The process has been simplified to when it started and with numerous camps being conducted in offices and residential colonies. You can apply for one right near you!

Getting an Aadhar card for adults involves capturing biometrics where the fingerprint and iris images are captured. For children below 5 years no biometrics will be captured. Their details will be linked to the UID (Unique Identification) of their parents. These essential biometrics details will be updated once the child turns 15.

To simplify the proceedings the UIDAI has introduced Child Enrolment Lite Client (CELC). The client will be used to enrol the children by capturing just the photograph and few demographic details in addition to biometric authentication of parents and the operator.

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Documents needed:

  • Date of birth proof (namely Birth Certificate with the parents’ name)
  • Aadhar Card details of either/both parents of the child

Official website link: UIDAI

3. Passport



A valid Indian passport holds a lot of importance and is considered an accepted Proof of Identity and Proof of Address for procuring various other documents and even for school admission procedures. Thanks to simplified computerized procedures, getting a passport for your child is no longer a hurdle.

The entire procedure from scratch can be done on the official website (link shared below) and after booking an appointment on the website, you can reach the PSK (Passport Service Kendra) with your child at the allotted time slot to avoid unnecessary waiting.

Documents needed:

  • Make sure to read through the exhaustive Document advisor on the website. With numerous categories (like single parent, divorced parents, etc.), you might want to read the list carefully before choosing your criterion.
  • Depending on each category, certain documents are considered mandatory. But the most common documents that you will require for your child are Proof of Address, Proof of Date of Birth, Affidavit and Declaration for minors.
  • It is preferable if both/either parents (with the other parents’ name endorsed as spouse) hold a valid passport when applying for a minor- as it would simplify the Police verification step.

Cost: For children below 15 years, applying for passport (under Normal scheme) costs Rs. 1000

For children below 15 years, applying for passport (under Tatkal scheme) costs Rs. 3000

(The rates may vary based on the validity of the passport for kids aged above 15 years and the number of pages required in the passport)

Official website link: Passport

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