Are You Making Sustainable Choices In Your Life?

Unlike what most think, sustainability is NOT a choice, but the way forward. Here is how you can start your journey towards making sustainable choices.

We’ve grown up hearing how, “we must protect the Earth”, “It’s now or never”, “Let’s make informed choices”, “Let’s give our kids a better and safer tomorrow“…. But are we doing something about it? Are we making sustainable choices? The lockdown showed us the painful mirror to how our absence was so much better for the Earth to heal. Seas had never been cleaner and the air had never been so fresh. The environment was calm and bursting with life, ironically.

Now, when “life” has come back to normal, have we learnt anything?

Are You Making Sustainable Choices?

Unlike what most think, sustainability is NOT a choice. It IS the way forward.

Reducing our dependence on plastic and non-degradable products and opting for more eco-friendly things is something we should start effectively. Looking at us, our kids will feel impelled to follow closely and adopt this lifestyle too.

People believe it’s hard to find brands that you love and those that are sustainable. That’s why I’ve handpicked a few from that speaks the language of Earth in the most beautiful way.

Each one of them is so thoughtfully designed in a way that beautifully blends the needs of the customer and Mother Earth. They are easy to use, help reduce your carbon footprint, and are non-toxic, and hence safe to use around children or pets.

Here Are A Few I Hand-Picked:

  • The coconut shell soap dishes
  • Bamboo wood soap dishes
  • Non-toxic, soluble floor cleaner capsules
  • Handmade natural soaps
  • Bamboo extract, eco-friendly toilet paper rolls
  • Bio-degradable Bamboo toothbrush

are just some of the products from their amazing plethora of different sustainable goodies.

Long before sustainability became a buzzword, I have been following Amala Earth and getting inspired to be conscious in my personal life and at work in @kidsstoppress.

We are constantly trying to encourage sustainability through our content on our socials and our website. We also do podcasts about it, to let all parents know how they could encourage their kids to live a sustainable life too. It is very simple if you baby step into it. Small changes in everyday life can make a impact too. All you need to do is START.

Share this with fellow parent. Let’s build a more sustainable and safer world for our children.

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