Are You Raising A Narcissistic Child?

If not checked, a narcissistic child can form serious flaws in the way they view people, themselves and the world around them. Read this to know more!

As parents we try to tread on the line between to provide the world for our kids and saying no to them when necessary. But picking and choosing our battles is only one way to combat narcissistic personality disorder or (NPD) in kids.

How Does It Affect The Child?

If not checked, this behaviour can form serious flaws in the way our children view people, themselves and the world around them. Leading to breakdown in relationships at work, at home and just about anywhere.

At first, you might let it go thinking it isn’t that serious. But if not observed and corrected at the right time, it will have consequences. The skill to handle rejection and know what to do deal with it has to start from home. We need to teach them, not how to control the feeling of anger or rage but how to express it in a healthy way. We need to teach them that they won’t get everything done their way everytime. We need to teach them to be flexible and adaptable to the situations or people they come across. These are skills they won’t learn if we keep doing or acting the way they want us to.

Will It Be Easy?

No… they’ll be rebellion, they’ll be anger and maybe disobedience. But it won’t last for long once they’ve learnt to deal with it and understand why you are saying “No” or not giving in to their wants or requests. But there has to be a start. We have an in-detail article on how you can prevent it from happening– it is worth the read. This is what we spoke about in our #TuesdayTalkWithKSP. Let us know what you think.

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