Best Monsoon Treks Near Mumbai & Pune For Your Family This Weekend!

Join us for a thrilling monsoon trek to Harihar Fort, Nasik, Pune/Mumbai. Suitable for ages 4-12 and parents.

Monsoon is here and how! Mumbai is reeling under the sudden spells and the traffic chaos that almost cripples the working day for any family. We eagerly wait for the weekend, and sadly, most of the weekend passes off quickly without any concrete plans and just crashing on the sofa with some home entertainment. Say goodbye to being lazy as we bring to you, a list of the best places you can head out for a short weekend/one-day monsoon trek with your family and enjoy nature’s beauty up, close and real!


Trek To Harihar Fort

Harihar Fort Trek | Trekkers Of India

The fort of Harihar, lying on the Trimbak range, was of significant importance in earlier periods, as there used to be a route crossing this range connecting Maharashtra to Gujarat. Trimbak range has spread its arms to the north of Igatpuri and west of Nasik.

Age: 4 – 6 years, 6 – 8 years, 8 – 12 years, Parents, Teens
Where: Harihar Fort Nasik, Pune / Mumbai
Contact:7276871749  9405875947
Facebook:  DarkGreen Adventures

One Day Trek To Irshalgad

Irshalgad Fort Trek (One Day Trek)

Small Steps Adventures: One Day Trek to Irshalgad. Irshalgad is situated in the Karjat Region. Other forts in this region include Prabalgad, Kalawantin and Malanggad. Actually, Irshal is not a fort but it’s a pinnacle. Pack your bags and set off to this one-day monsoon trek.

Age: 8 – 12 years, Parents, Teens
Where: Irshalgad, Nadha, Mumbai
Contact: Ravi: 7738073691 Prashant: 9773603954
Facebook: Small Steps Adventures


HTC-Monsoon Madness – Bhimashankar Trek Via Sidi Gat

MONSOON MADNESS- MAGNIFICENT Dudhsagar FALLS & Tambdi Surla FALLS -  Hyderabad Trekking Company

Bhimashankar is a dream destination for any trekker, a perfect setting for an exciting adventure. Bhimashankar Temple is located in the village of Bhorgiri 50 km north west of Khed, near Pune, in India. It is located 110 km away from Pune in the Ghat region of the Sahyadri hills.

Age: 6 – 8 years, 8 – 12 years, Parents, Teens
Where: Bhimashankar, Pune
Facebook: Hyderabad Trekking Club – HTC

Monsoon Mega Adventure Weekend

11 Best Monsoon Treks In India And What To Expect | Zee Zest

Get set for an adventurous weekend on a monsoon trek to Torna fort.

Age: Teens, Parents
Where: Nisargshala, Office 41, Sukhwani Chambers, Pimpri Station Road, Pune
Facebook: Nisargshala

Rajgad Trek

Lingana Raigad Trek

Witness the Sahyadri Range come alive this monsoon season and just a simple drive to Pune outskirts in any direction allows you to witness mesmerising nature’s beauty all around. Rajgad (The king of all forts in Marathi) is one of the most important forts in Maharashtra. The fort was the capital of Maratha empire for more than 25 years.

Age: Parents, Teens
Where: The Social Monks Entertainment, Pune
Contact: 9999633259
Facebook: The Social Monks Entertainment

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