Can I Give Salt To My Baby In Their Food?

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly kids grow up – from little babes in our arms to sudden growth spurts with their clothes growing shorter to uttering their first words to becoming quite vocal in voicing their own opinions. As parents, we all want to raise kids who are physically, emotionally and mentally healthy.

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If motherhood is a new experience for you then we’re sure you have these questions as well. And you are not alone.

We have all asked ourselves these questions at least once – Am I feeding my baby enough? Is my baby having enough milk? While you can be rest assured when your baby is being fed breast milk, what happens when your baby turns 6 months old and you need to supplement breast milk with solid food? When to give them salt?

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We asked Dr Manjari Rao, a homoeopath doctor and gut expert what are the essential spices for a baby to start with.

Sodium is essential for the digestive tract and for the health of nerves and muscles

She talks about

Spices that kids should eat

  • Why food is truly medicine

and lots more

Watch the full video and get answers to all your questions. Don’t forget to like & subscribe to our YouTube channel to never miss a new video alert!

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Also before you start giving your little on sugar, watch this video by Neha Ranglani, an integrative health coach on Does Sugar Make Kids Hyper?

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