Did You Know This About Your Favourite Music Bands?

You’ve danced to their beats and headbanged to their choruses. It’s time we explored some facts and fascinating tidbits about musical bands that have rocked the world!

You’ve danced to their beats, headbanged to their choruses and fanboyed/fangirled over their musical talent. But do you know how your favourite bands came to be? What inspired their songs? How did they come up with the name of the band?

Join us as we explore fascinating tidbits about our favourite bands that have rocked the world! Inspire the little ones’ musical interest by listening to the full episode and who knows, we may find that we have little rock stars on our hands!

Not only do we uncover little known facts about these musical maestros we know and love, but also moments of inspiration and wonder that may pique your young Mozart’s musical aspirations.

Join us this episode, as we talk about:

  • How did Coldplay form?
  • How do BTS make their music?
  • Where are Blackpink’s members originally from?
  • How did they each name their bands?
  • And more…

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