Did You Know Your Handwriting Can Change Your Parenting Style?


Are you guilty of the following?

  • Reacting impulsively to an issue and regretting it later?
  • Overthinking a problem that doesn’t exist at the moment?
  • Questioning your abilities as a parent and if you are good enough for your child?

We chatted with Aditi Surana, a graphologist & high-performance coach. She says that graphologically, our handwriting represents an honest portrayal of who we are. It also helps analyse people and their characteristics and helps them address their anxieties in ways you didn’t know earlier.

She talks about

  • The right way for parents to understand the difference between reaction and response.
  • The problem of overthinking as a parent and how this simple study helps put an end to that.

and much more.

If you found this interesting you will love the course she has curated for us.

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