DIY| Republic Day| Crafts For Kids

Watch the video and see how you can make your Republic Day fun with these activities.

The country is gearing up to celebrate Republic Day.

But we’re home this weekend and plan to watch the Republic Day Parade on TV.  But I also thought it would be fun to do some activities with the kids that are centred around Republic day. I’m planning to give them a little history lesson too.

The activities are good starting points to tell your pre-schoolers about our country. We have four learn-by-doing activities that are excellent to hone their memory and colour-matching skills as well.

Rustle up some tasty treats to get into the patriotic mood – we have a few suggestions. Check it out.

Watch the video and see how you can make your Republic Day weekend fun with these activities.

If you are also looking to answer all these questions about the Indian National flag and what each colour stands for and how it came to be then you should watch the video below with your kids. Very interesting!


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