Eco-Friendly Ganesha Ideas With Easy Home Supplies!

Wondering how to get your kids to do this activity at home and make an eco-friendly Ganesha? We have 7 DIY s for you to try with the kids. Check them out!

The favourite festival of the year Ganesh Chaturthi is back! This time, let’s make it Eco-friendly!

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations take a whole new form if you are a Mumbaikar, and the festive mode is on for a week. From decorating your homes, making modak and organising community pooja, we even have our little ones lending us a helping hand to make our own Ganesha. We even have a few schools inspiring kids to work on a DIY project on the theme of eco-friendly Ganesha this year.

Here are some ideas you can try this year- try them out and let us know how they turned out! Ganpati Bappa Morya!

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Chocolate Ganesha 

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We have read over the previous years about how chocolate Ganesha is fast becoming the latest trend. The concept of visarjan is to enforce how everything is the world goes and comes back in another form later. These chocolate Ganeshas when immersed in milk instead of water, turn into delicious chocolate milk, that brings a smile on the happy faces of the poor kids. We agree this is a bit challenging, especially with the kids at home, but with our baking skills, I am sure we can give this a try.

Play Dough Ganesha 

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The most favourite of the moms when it comes to quick-fix Ganeshas! I did the same when I wanted to try something colourful and different with my little girl. Using a combination of various colours and sizes, this is easy to try. Just make sure you don’t make this Ganesha too early, as the playdough might turn dry.

Clay Ganesha 

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This one is the most famous forms in South India. At almost every street corner, you can witness shops selling this clay Ganesha, in all forms- simple to ones decorated with golden colour beads! You can also try your hand at making this by getting the non-air drying or the terracotta clays at hobby stores. Give it a shot!

Lentils Ganesha 

eco-friendly ganesha

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This one is super easy to make, with all the supplies easily available at home. Give an outline to the Ganesha using a dark coloured (black glue/black marker) and fill in using lentils of different colours. Toor/Channa/Moong/Udad/Masoor/ Green Gram/ Sabhudhana etc can be used.

Betel Leaves Ganesha 

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This one is easily our favourite. One that is easy to make and your little ones can help you in this, as well. Just make sure you collect different sizes of betel leaves to show a variation. Your local pan shop will be of great use here! Or collect fallen leaves from your garden and let your creativity run wild!

Vegetables Ganesha 

My little one loves brinjal and Ganesha, and we just like to mix them both this time! Make sure you choose the small sized brinjals for this and add on some shiny beads for the eyes etc.

Paper Mache 

Image source: Crafts Odisha

Paper mache is an eco-friendly alternative to harmful PoP idols and is available to order online or in art supply stores.

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