Here Is What A Working Woman Is Not

Have you been doubting your choices of being a working woman? Read this and send this to a working woman who needs to hear this too.

One thing the society is very good at, is stereotyping. Coming up with assumptions and labels for everything and everyone. And we as humans are very good at conforming into those stereotypes and always looking at what the world views us as. This has long been happening to woman in the society. When a women leaves her house to get to work, many eyebrows are raised, as she is not staying true to her duty of “taking care of the kids and family”. And when a woman is a homemaker, she gets labelled. “Not helping the family financially”. But whether you are a homemaker or chose to be a working woman- you are enough.

We need to stop doubting ourselves. If you are a homemaker, you are doing amazing and if you are a working mom, you are doing amazing too.

Here Is What A Working Woman Is Not:

Not working to earn? So what? Being a homemaker isn’t an easy job too.

It means that she has a plan for herself and goals that she wants to achieve and that is not wrong at all. Just because you become a wife, and a mom, doesn’t mean you are not a woman of her own right anymore.

It means, she woke up early and completed all her house work because she knew she’d be busy today. She is not neglecting her family, but being a role model to those little watchful eyes, teaching them what it takes to follow your dreams.

But because she came from a family that taught her, being a woman is not just about knowing how to cook and clean take care of the house. Rather it’s about being educated, opinionated, responsible, loving and caring. Being able to teach her kids to dream big and become good humans- that is more than good enough!

It means she choses to stand on her own feet and contribute to the family in whatever way she can. It means she is teaching her kids that the amount of money doesn’t define you, but the fact that you choose to work and do something for yourself and your family- that’s what matters.

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