History Of Diamonds

History has always been fascinating to many kids. But do they know who found the diamonds in the Jwaneng mine? Listen to this podcast with your kids to know fascinating facts and history of the Diamonds.

Did you know that termites found a mine filled with Diamonds?

Hard to believe? We are not bluffing!

Facts like these always make children very curious to know more! Hence, today on KSP Radio, we share with you fun facts about diamonds not many people know! While everyone knows that these precious stones are worth a million, what we didn’t know is how unique Forevermark Diamonds really are! They are consciously sourced, one of the best in the world, and unique!

In today’s episode, we share with you what diamonds are, how the termites found a mine filled with diamonds, and how Diamonds are extracted! Isn’t that cool? So make sure you tune in to listen to this episode with your kids.

P.S Stay tuned to know what next! this post is written in association with Forevermark.

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