How To Find Great Books For Kids That Aren’t On Bestsellers List?

So, what are you waiting for? Parents are loving our curated choices and book lists on Summer Fun Factory. From 0-11 years, we have the best reads for your kids here- so hurry! Click here. 

Why go by just the bestsellers? What about hidden gems by local authors? 

In our fast-paced world, there is not much time to go through all the new releases and classify them age-wise, author-wise, genre-wise or even popularity-wise. Don’t worry, that’s where our Premium Book Lists come to play. Saving you precious hours of Google and Amazon review hunts, we at Kidsstoppress have curated the best books for your kids, classified age-wise and interest-wise so they never say no to reading again!

And in addition to these lists, we have also put together a webinar by our founder, Mansi Zaveri on tips and tricks to raise a reader. In this she shares the following pointers: 

  • How she started reading to her children when they were young.
  • Why introducing kids to a larger vocab is important so they pick up more.
  • And more importantly, why reading is more of a joy activity than seen as a punishment in their household. 

If you want to access this exclusive webinar- click below.

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