How To Make Gujarati Patra | Traditional Mom’s Recipe

Eating local and eating seasonal has always been the mantra. And when it is a dish that brings back childhood memories, all the better. This patra recipe is a must-try!

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I wanna learn all our family’s favourite recipes from my mom! Store-bought food can never beat the taste of the taste you’ve grown up eating! Don’t you agree? The memories associated with mummy ka haath ka khana is something else. 

I won’t lie I only realise what’s in the season when I get that box full of goodies from Mom to know- Accha! It’s the season for Patra now and I go hunting for the leaves. But the biggest nudge came from my kids who wanted to go to Nani’s house time and again to eat all the yummy food she makes!

What is patra? Patra or Patrode is a super tasty dish that is made using colocasia leaves.  Colocasia leaves are extremely nutritious and are a great option to cook in this season. You can eat it as a snack or as a side dish with your meal. Sweet, sour, spicy – all together – What else can you ask for!

So I decided to learn to make Mom’s signature dish and I am sharing that with you

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1. Wash and dry the patra/colocasia leaves

2. Take tamarind/imli the size of a lemon and boil it in water. Wash it 3-4 times. Use that water.

3. Take jaggery equal to 2 lemons or as sweet as you like it!

4. Besan/gram floor typically 3 spoons or to get consistency shown in the video.

5. Coarsely grind coriander seeds (dhania) and sesame seeds (til).

6. Add garam masala as per taste.

7. Sprinkle in salt as per taste.

8. Take a bigger leaf and spread the batter. Match a small leaf and place it on top of the bigger leaf but the opposite ends on top and apply another coat of the batter on this new lead now.

9. Tightly roll it and seal it with the batter.

10. Put it to steam for 30 mins

11. You can either eat it steamed or you can cut into discs (like a cinnamon roll) and fry it till crisp with a chaunk of jeera and til.

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