I-Day: Puzzles That Help Kids Know About India

This Independence Day, give your kids puzzels that will help them learn so much more about their country and have fun at the same time! Here’s the list!
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I decided to teach my 5-year-old about the states of India and the various capitals. We would revise them on the way to school or just before bedtime and I figured my daughter was losing interest in the process. There had to be a fun way out, right? This Independence Day, I found a solution!

Puzzles are a great way to engage growing minds and work on their dexterity, logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. They are also a great way to bond with the kids on weekends. As a part of our Independence Day special- here is a compilation of the best puzzles in the market that teach your kids about India, the States and lots more. Click on the links to add to the cart right away!

Flag Puzzle:

Buy Flags of The World Online at Low Prices in India - Amazon.in

Make a puzzle of the Indian flag and teach kids about its colours and significance. Buy here. 

Famous Landmarks Puzzle:

Buy JOY MAGS 1000 Piece World Landmarks Paper Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids  Adult,Illustrated Art with Scene from World Famous Landmark Online at Low  Prices in India - Amazon.in

Design puzzles of famous landmarks like the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, or Red Fort to introduce kids to India’s rich history and architecture. Buy here

Cretto Map India Puzzle & Quiz 

Your kids can create a colourful map of India by joining the foam pieces and get to learn about state capitals, food items, dance forms and famous places through interactive quiz sheets. Buy here
Age: 6+ years

Imagimake Mapology India With Capitals 

A fun foam map puzzle by Imagimake for your kids to learn the states of India, Union Territories and their capitals. Get ready to raise a super smart geek soon! Buy here
Age: 5+ years

Funskool-Play & Learn India Map Puzzles

A colourful floor puzzle by Funskool with 104 pieces- this one will help your kids fall in love with Geography, very soon! Buy here

Creatives Know India

The jigsaw puzzle game by Creative Educational Aids – Know India
is a popular choice among parents who want to teach their kids all about India, the states and capitals. Buy here
Age: 6+ years 

Beyond Logik India Map Puzzle

Knowing your geography will turn easier with this puzzle set brought to you by Beyond Logik. The play set will encourage learning in your kids in a fun and interactive way. Buy here
Age: 3+ years 

Shifu Orboot Globe 

Go the Augmented Reality way with Orboot’s popular app-based globe. Your kids learn all about the place, the animals in that region and other interesting details about the place through  AR. Buy here
Age: 4 to 10 Years

XploraBox India Explorer

This fun kit by Xplora Box helps kids learn more about India, the states, capitals and mot more about each place in a fun and exciting way. Buy here
Age: 6+ years 

Zigyasaw India Premium Giant Floor Puzzle Game

Kids and families can explore this beautiful map of India- that comes in 54 pieces and serves as great option for spending time with the kids in the weekend.  Buy here
Age: 3+ years 

Wooden Map – Map Of India

Get your kids to learn more about India through this fun wooden puzzle. Buy here
Age: 4 to 10 Years

Skillofun Map of India Jigsaw Floor Puzzle in Wooden Box

Boost your child’s and expand their vocabulary by helping them learn all about the different states and union territories of the country and the countries and water bodies that surround India. Buy here
Age: 3+ years 

Shumee India Blocks – Wooden Block Puzzle

This 30-piece wooden puzzle by Shumee when put together forms the Indian map, and comes with fact sheets that help teach the kids as they entertain. Buy here
Age: 4+ years 

CocoMoco Kids India Activity Box

This is a great way for your kids to learn all about India through a mix of games, DIY activities, an interactive map and lots more. Buy here
Age: 6+ years

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