I Thought I Was In Control. I Didn’t Know I Had Postpartum Depression

We all know about postpartum depression, yet we turn a blind eye to it. Aarabi shares how to accept and get over this stage that comes in the life of every mom.

The whole journey of pregnancy is both wonderful and filled with different hurdles to cross. You have a new set of difficulties pre-pregnancy– your lifestyle changes, habits change, preferences change, it’s a really confusing time, especially for a new mom. However, post-pregnancy, there’s the pressure to go back to your previous lifestyle and get on with your work of house chores acting like you didn’t just bring a whole human into this world.

What Is Postpartum Depression?

Aarabi Veeraraghavan, a mom and a professional dancer, has worked even during her pregnancy and got back within two months after giving birth. She says, the world regards postpartum depression as boredom, but it’s so much more than that. It’s the pressure of getting back to your normal life and taking care of a new life at the same time. It’s about the anxiety that comes when we are barely managing to do everything and doing it well. The most important thing, we don’t want to confess to this depression.

How Did She Cope With It?

By allowing herself to be okay with the fact that she can’t always have it together. This is something new mothers especially struggle with. We need to be kind to ourselves and give certain things time to settle back. Aarabi shares how she felt for the new mothers who gave birth during the pandemic while in lockdown and how she helped them feel good about themselves.

It’s a really light and insightful conversation that you will surely enjoy.

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