I Am Glad You Asked THIS About Reading!

So, here I am with a quick run-down of why reading is so important and makes my little mommy-heart go pitter-patter! Here are some of your questions, answered!

When I earlier asked if you had any questions about your child’s reading, parents- you got back and how! 

Our Instagram lives, DMs were flooded with questions on how to get kids to read, to get them to sit, on which books to select and how to start etc. And I’m so glad you did – time to shed some light on this habit that will help always.

So, here I am with a quick run-down of why reading is so important and makes my little mommy-heart go pitter-patter! Here are some of your questions, answered! Also, go ahead and check out our exclusive webinar course on raising young readers and the mistakes parents make.

Q: How Do You Start?

A: Funny enough – I was JUST chatting with my husband over some tea this weekend and he asked me what’s the one thing that will set our kids apart from a world that will mass-produce more of the same. Our common response was reading. Reading will teach them about the mistakes of great minds, their lives, widen their imagination and of course help them have their own personality when the world is getting used to factory line production, even of people.

If you thought that too, you’re not far off. Let me reshape the way you and pretty much everyone else thinks about reading.

Reading has become a powerful search-engine-like hub for people looking for answers and people providing answers, perspectives, experiences and ideas. Like the inventors of the forum, or the inventors of Google. It’s about connecting people to what they’re looking for. 

When children read they enter a world of imagination without really knowing what they are looking for and stories help inform and influence them. I can simply say “sharing” and bam! Books throw up classic examples of stories that were built on sharing, e.g. the Mahabharata. 

Q:  Wait, But How Do I Get My Kids To Sit?

A: I’m glad you asked! I’m all about getting you the deets without you ending up lost in the information-overload-woods alone! That’s why we have a detailed 45-minute workshop on this. CLICK HERE to get ACCESS to this exclusive training where I will break down my entire “How to get your kids to read” -process for you! You can learn how I use it to drive them to read more without spending hours. Dang! Yep, that’s real. Want a front-row seat?

You can reserve your seat for: “How to get your kids to read and the mistakes I made: My EASY Strategy” right here! 

Q: What If I Don’t Have Any Of The Books My Kids Want To Read Now? Lockdown Is A Difficult Phase 🙁

A: When it comes to reading. I have heard this a LOT. I have done it all. I get why there’s confusion here. There are always more excuses than answers and I get it. I have yet to meet a book that I haven’t found on a few of my favourite places and, of course, a few of these apps. 😉

Q: Uh Oh, Am I About To Waste All My Hours Scrolling On Best Reads And Book Lists??

A: I was worried about that, too! Turns out, I only need to spend about an HOUR today and then save all the time I spend on research into actually reading with my kids vs the other way around. That’s my kinda gig.

Whew, that’s all we’ll cover today! Because I want to save all the goods for the Reading workshop! I’ll share all my hacks, the mistakes I made along with the way and of course questions from parents who have struggled too with 100% success now. 

I hope to see you there! Come learn about How to get your kids to read with me. Click here so you don’t miss out on the tips and tricks on raising a young reader.

Can’t wait for you to hang with me, get the big picture of the importance of books, reading, and clarity on how to use it, no fuss, no stress. Let me know how you are acing your role as a parent of a little bookworm and don’t forget to join like-minded parents on KSP Book Club where we discuss the best books for kids every week. 

Access the exclusive webinar along with Annual Membership to KSP Book Club here- so you don’t miss out on a chance to raise a young reader. 

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