Indian Movies Every Parent Must Watch

Discover Indian movies that every parent must watch, offering valuable insights into understanding and connecting with your children. From Taare Zameen Par to Chhichhore, these films redefine parenthood. Plus, explore our recommendations like Kaaka Muttai and Thangameengal. Strengthen your bond through cinema!

There are some movies that come up in the Indian film industry, that are like a whiff of fresh air. These slice-of-Life movies make a perfect choice or us to watch with our kids. Not because they have something to teach the kids, but to us, the parents.

Parenting is a lovely but challenging experience that demands constant effort to understand and relate to our children. In a society where academic achievement and societal expectations frequently take centre stage, it is critical for us parents to step back and consider alternate possibilities to encourage their children’s complete development.

1. Taare Zameen Par

Aamir Khan’s touching film Taare Zameen Par follows the life of Ishaan, a dyslexic boy, as he tries to fit in with the established educational system. It effectively highlights the significance of valuing each child’s individual skills and learning preferences.


The contradiction between societal expectations and individual goals is explored in Imtiaz Ali’s film Tamasha. It focuses on Ved and Tara’s struggle to balance the expectations of a conformist society with their actual desires. The film serves as a gentle reminder to us to encourage our kids’ dreams, even if they deviate from accepted social mores. Here is our review of the movie and why we liked it so much!

3. Iqbal:

Iqbal portrays the moving story of a villager who wants to play cricket despite being deaf and mute. It emphasises the value of parents’ consistent support and their conviction in a child’s potential, despite any physical or societal constraints.

4. Chhichhore:

Nitesh Tiwari’s coming-of-age movie transports us back in time to the lives of a group of friends and their experiences in an engineering college. Chhichhore emphasises the value of fostering emotional health, friendship, and resilience in our kids rather than focusing just on their academic performance.

5. 3 Idiots:

The comedy 3 Idiots, directed by Rajkumar Hirani, is a classic that questions the status quo of schooling. It advises parents to place more emphasis on their kids’ happiness, passion, and self-discovery than just on their academic performance and societal standards.

Apart from these notable movies, it was heartening when parents recommended their favourite films to their children, in the comment section creating an opportunity to strengthen the parent-child bond.

Here are a few recommendations to expand your movie list by our readers.

6. Kaaka Muttai:

How far would you go to enjoy a slice of pizza? And what do you learn in the yearning process? A simple yet poetic movie about two boys from a slum and what they learn along the way.

7. Haridas:

A single father’s relationship with his autistic son is the focus of the Tamil drama Haridas. It compassionately illustrates the difficulties parents encounter when rearing a child with special needs.

8. Thangameengal:

We often say we would go to any length to fight for our children. But against what odds? This movie talks about the journey of an incredibly talented by dyslexic girl and her father who would do just about anything to keep his princess feel validated and happy.

So which one of these are you watching with your kids this weekend? Tell us in the comments below.

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