Kid-friendly Breakfast Ideas By Tashasartisanfoods

Are you looking for non-bread breakfast recipes for the family? Tashartisan nailed it with this healthy and tasty breakfast ideas!

In my experience, feeding kids in the morning is not for the light-hearted. Day after day, year after year, I have seen the same disgruntled look when they are woken up and told to get a move on. The interactions that follow afterwards consist of grunts and gestures, till my family of non-morning people manage to shake out of their stupor. 

Breakfast during this time needs to be enticing enough to make them want to eat in their zombie state. So, I use recipes that are both appealing to them to eat and appealing for me to make. Especially in the summer, there’s nothing worse than starting your day by toiling away in the kitchen. I like to keep things light, breezy and sweat-free.

The days when I’m not making toast or oatmeal, these 5 breakfast recipes with healthy twists are my go-to. Simple, delicious and guaranteed to wake up your sleepy kids or self!

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