Kid Friendly Weekend Getaways From Mumbai (Updated)

If you are looking for a getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city; that is not a long drive and where you can unwind with your family, we have a list that has something for everyone. Swipe left to check it out.
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Disclaimer: Please check for the safety & sanitation levels at each property yourself. These are only weekend recommendations. 

When the husband and I think of what is the one thing we love and want to give our kids, our answer unanimously is education & travel. While education is a must as it sets a strong foundation for just about everything, travel for us teaches children cultural diversities and to appreciate and relish that experience forever. Gone are the days when we planned holidays for months in advance.

Now we plan holidays in a week or probably days. Earlier the husband and I would take off to a destination and figure out the accommodation later but with kids, a little more planning is all that you need. We now prefer homestays over hotels and something that takes us away from the structure & madness of Mumbai.  

What You Will Get In This Guide

This weekend guide has been compiled with experiences from fellow moms and Kidsstoppress readers and we would love to know your child-friendly places away from Mumbai for a weekend, so do share it in the comments below. If you have been to any of the places mentioned do share your experiences with other parents too.

Please note all the options listed are extremely child-friendly.


Near Pune, Maharashtra, India, in the Sahyadri Mountains is the opulent wellness retreat Atmantan. It is renowned for its tranquil and attractive surroundings, which provide the ideal respite from the commotion of daily life. Physical, mental, and emotional well-being are all part of the holistic health experience that Atmantan aims to provide.  The retreat provides a wide choice of wellness activities and programs that may be customized to fit each person’s requirements and goals. These programs include detoxification, fitness, weight loss, stress reduction, and yoga retreats.

Kokum Tree

Kokum Tree is an experiential home-stay nestled amongst the green and the vegetable farm is a treat to the eyes they grow mangoes, guavas, jackfruits, chikoos, bananas and of course kokum. This is an interactive holiday stay that will introduce you to the organic way of life. Over here, indulge in some farm-to-fork experience or catch a fish while enjoying the spectacular views of the sunset from the fishing deck. Here’s our detailed take on Kokum Tree. 

Contact: +91 98191 92482  

Website: Kokum Tree

Fragrant Sun By The Lake

Fragrant Sun By The Lake is an eco-friendly, remote homestay by Mulshi lake. Located – 40 minutes from the Aamby Valley fork and a 3.5-hour drive from Mumbai. Well-furnished and large bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas ensure there is enough space even if you are in a big group of family or friends. 

Website: Fragrant Sun By The Lake

Tropicana Resort & Spa, Alibaug

Families looking for a peaceful break will find a pleasant escape at Tropicana Resort & Spa, which is tucked away in the peaceful coastal village of Alibaug. This resort offers kids a tranquil setting to unwind and recuperate because it is surrounded by lush vegetation and lovely beaches. The resort’s roomy accommodations, swimming pool, and recreational amenities guarantee that youngsters have a great time while taking in the beauty of nature. Tropicana Resort & Spa Alibaug is an excellent choice for a family vacation due to its friendly hospitality and close proximity to well-liked activities.

Upper Desk Resort, Lonavala

Upper Deck Resort, located in the charming hill town of Lonavala, provides a lovely respite from the activity of the city. This resort offers a tranquil setting for kids to explore and get in touch with nature, surrounded by lush valleys and breathtaking views. Kids will have an exciting time participating in the resort’s outdoor activities, which include trekking routes and adventure sports. Additionally, Upper Deck Resort is a great alternative for a family holiday due to the cozy apartments and welcoming personnel, which guarantee a wonderful stay.

The Duke Retreat, Lonavala

The Duke Retreat, perched on the serene Lonavala hills, offers the ideal fusion of luxury and unspoiled beauty. This resort caters for the requirements of kids, making sure they have a great time while they are there with its expansive grounds, swimming pool, and play area. Kids are captivated and kept engaged by the resort’s indoor games and activities. For parents wishing to establish enduring experiences with their kids, The Duke Retreat is the perfect place to go because of its picturesque settings and welcoming staff.

Ramsukh Resorts

Ramsukh Resorts offers families a tranquil and restorative experience amid the stunning scenery of Mahabaleshwar. Kids have plenty of opportunities to be outdoors and experience nature at the resort thanks to its expansive gardens, outdoor activities, and picturesque overlooks. Ramsukh Resorts offers cosy lodging and delicious food to make sure the whole family has a wonderful time. Ramsukh Resorts guarantees a pleasant and pleasurable holiday for both kids and parents, whether they choose to explore the strawberry farms or take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque hills.

Novotel Imagicaa Khopoli

The Novotel Imagicaa Khopoli, which is close to the Imagicaa theme park, provides the ideal fusion of exhilarating experiences and luxurious lodgings. With roomy rooms, a pool, and a separate kids’ play area, the hotel offers a seamless experience for families. Families can enjoy a day of thrilling rides and attractions at the amusement park with ease of access before retiring to the hotel for a restful evening. The Novotel Imagicaa Khopoli promises children will have a great experience with their parents while on vacation.

Elephant’s Head Point

Mahabaleshwar, a stunning hill town in the Indian state of Maharashtra, is home to the well-known vista known as Elephant’s Head Point. It is so called because of the rock formations that resemble an elephant’s head. Particularly for your kids, who enjoy identifying similarities in nature, the pebbles’ unusual shape is particularly fascinating. Visitors are treated to breathtaking scenery as the lookout offers sweeping views of the surrounding valleys and verdant surroundings. Depending on the season, the wide expanse of the valleys is shrouded in mist or lush vegetation, creating a captivating backdrop. It is a photographer’s dream, and everyone is struck by the magnificence of the setting.

Lingmala Waterfall

Another well-liked destination in Mahabaleshwar, which is a part of the Western Ghats’ Sahyadri mountain range, is Lingmala Waterfall. It is famed for its magnificent cascades that plunge dramatically down from a great height, providing an amazing sight.

Scroll down for the long list of other family-friendly weekend getaways that we have listed in and around Mumbai and don’t forget to share with your friends too! 

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