Look Who Made It To KSP Editor’s Bazaar This Month-July Edition

Your one-stop shop for everything, including food, toys, and home goods is Editor’s Bazaar. Now look up these brands!
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As you are aware, the KSP Editor’s Bazaar is back to make parenting easier by highlighting the brands that are best for your child. Whatever parenting stage you may be at, this never gets any easier. That’s why we kept it straightforward! Here are some terrific new brands this month that have things that are safe and wonderful for your babies and toddlers.

KSP Editor’s Bazaar is here to help. In this monthly shout-out, we sift through the clutter and present the best brands in the parenting and baby care space that are capturing the hearts of moms everywhere. Today, we shine the spotlight on three remarkable brands. If you know of a brand that you want to share and recommend or you run a brand that you want parents to know about, click here to reach out to us.

KSP Editor’s Bazaar

1. Leap Gymnastics:

Kidsstoppress Editor Bazaar

Leap, a first-of-its-kind academy, firmly believes that gymnastics is to sport what the alphabet is to language. Tailored for Indian physiology, and backed by JSW Sports their programmes are benchmarked to an internationally recognised curriculum, backed by world-class facilities, and taught by some of the best global and domestic coaches.

2. Aww Baby Lifestyle:

AwwBaby is an International multi-brand kids’ lifestyle website that caters to kids’ educational, creative and daily needs including school supplies, stationery, swimwear, etc. They have eco-friendly, sustainable and non-toxic kids’ products. We cater to innovative and edgy kids’ products with unique designs and outstanding quality and creative designs.

3. Peekaboo Patterns:

Peekaboo Patterns is a children’s gift store that handcrafts a signature line of kids’ furnishings, décor, and accessories in sweet themes. Every child is unique and that’s why their forte is at handcrafting personalized and customised offerings that are one-of-a-kind, just like our little clients! They also curate high-quality products from 40+ national & international brands.

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